The Brief

Ontera approached Orion to develop the look and feel for a campaign promoting their new carpet range, “180”. According to Ontera, the collection was “inspired by the rich and vibrant colours that distinguish yet connect global cultures.”

Our Solution

To create a link between the carpet colours and the cultures that inspired them, Orion took samples of the product and had them laser cut into identifiable shapes. Part of this process was creating a series of simple dioramas, showing landmarks and typical buildings from corresponding countries.



Our next challenge was to create insitu images of the carpet. We photographed various items of furniture and dropped the carpet in digitally from a single swatch. Digitally duplicating a single swatch instead of laying out an entire carpet meant significant cost savings could be passed on to the client.


We also photographed a library of culturally-inspired illustrations, assembled from multiple swatches, which we could use ad hoc to give the collection’s story context and add to the sense of vibrancy.


A video was also produced for social media. We shot Ontera’s Design Manager, James Mfula in our office on green screen, integrating him into different stock videos, to make it appear as though he were travelling around the world.