This year, Team Orion hosted its very first Office Olympics. We had an amazing time decorating the office, dressing up and channelling our inner-Olympian for the chance to win that incredibly rare plastic gold medal (located in all discount stores near you!).

Here are a few tips on how you can run your own Office Olympics and share in the fun!  Orion Office Olympics

What you need:

  • Decorations: Olympic rings, Olympic torch, event banners, streamers, etc.
  • Olympic oath: make up your own like we did to ensure a fair game is played by all.
  • Invitation to the event: list all the main details – when, where, what to wear/bring, etc.
  • Team uniforms: bandanas, headbands, wigs and Kanye glasses are just a few uniform ideas to get your team in the spirit.
  • Games: make a list of what supplies you need, rules of play and how much time to run each (Check out our Orion_Olympics_RunSheet).
  • Team names: come up with some fun team names! Draw names out of a hat and assign athletes to each team.
  • Score sheet and medal tally: to keep track of your gold, silver and bronze medalists.
  • Awards or medals: buy some medals from your local discount store or splurge on some fun prizes.
  • Medal ceremony podium: build out of boxes of paper and other safe and sturdy office supplies.
  • Sports-themed music playlist: think Chariots of Fire, Rocky, We are the Champions!
  • Training montage: create your own montage to inspire the athletes.
  • Refreshments: drinks, lunch, lollies.

Ready, set, go!

Check out our highlights here:


To run an event like this in a small office space, you need to get creative! Here are a few examples of games we ran using office supplies we had on-hand.

paper plane javelin

Boldly folding what many have folded before in the paper plane javelin.

Paper plane javelin


  • Scrap/spare A4 paper
  • Masking tape for the start line


Each athlete folds a paper aeroplane and marks it for easy identification. Standing behind a line marked on the floor, the athlete who throws their plane the furthest distance, wins.

wheelbarrow race

Carpet burns galore in the equestrian event (aka wheelbarrow race).

Equestrian (wheelbarrow race)


  • No supplies needed: just strong arms and unbridled spirit (geddit?)!
  • Masking tape for the start line


Take dressage and show jumping to a whole new level! Locate an area of the office that will be the “course” where you can safely have a race: a lobby area, hallway (or choose a location outside the office) and make sure all entry points are closed off by your spectators so no bystanders get in the way.

Each team must choose two participants, one the ‘horse’ (wheelbarrow) and the other the ‘jockey’ – who must hold up their team members legs so they can race on their hands. First team across the finish line, wins. Run the race in heats if you’ve only got space for a limited number of teams to participate at a time.

paper plate discus

Scott from Team ‘Sons of Pitches’ showing his skillz in paper plate discus.

Paper plate discus


  • Paper plates
  • Masking tape for the start line


Every office has stacks of paper plates for birthday cakes, pizza parties and other fun, food-related events. Put them to even better use with paper plate discus! Each athlete must mark their ‘disc’ for easy identification. Once ready, stand behind a line marked on the floor. The athlete to throw their ‘disc’ the furthest – wins. It’s harder than it looks.

waste paper bin basketball

Sam and Mel from Team ‘Hoops! I Did It Again’, live up to their name in wastepaper bin basketball.

Wastepaper bin basketball


  • Scrap paper
  • Empty wastepaper bin (or a box)
  • Masking tape for the start line


Fancy yourself as a bit of a Kobe Bryant or Lauren Jackson? Then score big with wastepaper bin basketball! Each team has two participants. Wastepaper bins and paper balls must be aligned behind marked line. Once athletes are standing behind the line, they have 30 seconds to work together and throw as many balls into the bin. Most paper balls in the bin, wins.

balloon sprint

Nat from Team ‘Kiss My Asphalt’ steams ahead in the balloon sprint.

Balloon sprint


  • Blown up balloons


Locate an area of the office that will be the “course” where you can safely have a race. Each athlete must stand behind the start line with a blown-up balloon between their legs. Athletes run down the course with the balloon between their legs the entire way.

You can stop and adjust the balloon if it starts to slip, but if the balloon is dropped on the ground more than once during the race, the athlete is automatically disqualified. First sprinter across the line, wins. Run the race in heats if you’ve got lots of teams and short of space. Eat your heart out, Usain Bolt!

slingshot shooting

Janine from Team ‘Hoops I Did It Again’ gives it her best shot.

Slingshot shooting


  • Elastic bands
  • Post-it notes
  • Masking tape for the start line


Each athlete receives five elastic bands (bullets). Once ready, stand behind a line marked on the floor. The shooter has five chances to hit multiple post-it notes (targets) on a wall/board. The participant who hits the most targets, wins.

Tip: fold the post-it notes in half to see when they have been hit.

Golden content

Content is key! When running your very own office Olympics it’s important to take advantage of the opportunity to produce unique and fun content. With lots of wild costumes, decorations and fun games, make sure you document it and share your experiences across your company’s website and social platforms – it’s a great way to connect your customers to your team and brand.

Running your own Office Olympics? We’d love to see the pics! Send through your photos and videos here. For more content marketing ideas, contact the team today.

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