A timely reminder to act on your website domain reminder notice!

This morning Australia woke to the news that Melbourne prankster, Jack Genesin, took the golden opportunity overnight to gain control of scottmorrison.com.au. Prime Minister Morrison’s team neglected to renew the domain license and Jack swooped in moments after it expired to take over the website.

Hilarity ensues…

Gone are the PM’s credentials and info on his electorate – replaced with a simple full-page photograph of the Prime Minister and background music playing an iconic punk-rock tune from 2004 teen-film, Eurotrip: ‘Scotty doesn’t know’.

The stunt has been a hit on social media, with some referring to Mr Genesin as a “national bloody treasure”.

Of course, this embarrassing mishap wouldn’t have gone down if Mr Morrison’s team had simply acted on any one of the (usually 3) reminder notices sent through in the lead-up to the domain expiry date.

Too many times we’ve seen our clients come close to losing their website. The knock-on effect is huge and often not understood – all associated email addresses are lost, not to mention the loss in sales and productivity and the headache in trying to reclaim the domain.

The more well-known domains often have opportunists waiting in the wings – on stand-by for notification from their backorder registration service that the domain license has expired.

It’s all too easy, yet so simple to avoid.

What’s the key lesson to be learned from this?

Don’t be like the PM’s support team – read your renewal reminder notices and pay them!

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Image source: Facebook page of Jack Genesin. 

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