What do I need to get started on a project?

First up, you need to provide us with a project brief. This should include an overview of the project and details on what you need us to create for you. What elements will you provide and what do you want us to handle, e.g. will you provide imagery (logo, photos) and copy yourself, or do you need us to help create it?

If you need a website developed, please let us know what features you need, e.g. a shopping cart, administration area, photo gallery, etc. Do you need professional SEO web copy to help your website rank higher in Google’s search results?

If you aren’t sure what you need, no worries – we can certainly help brainstorm some ideas!

How quickly can I expect my quote?

Generally you will receive your quote on the same day or the following day, assuming you have provided all the information we need. For larger jobs we may require a meeting first, or a few extra days to work everything out. If we expect a longer quoting process than usual, we’ll let you know.

What is the work process at Orion?

Once a quote has been finalised and approved, we’re ready to get started. From here we’ll develop a concept for your project which we’ll send to you for feedback and discussion. As part of your quote you can make two rounds of changes to this concept at no cost, so providing a clear, strong brief at the start is integral.

Once the concept has been approved, any print based projects go off to print, while the build stage will begin for any websites and email campaigns. This involves the actual creation of the website/email files based on the look approved in the concept stage. Once the development is complete, we’ll provide the site/email for review and after any final updates/tweaks we can push the site live or send out your email campaign.

Can you write the content for my website, email or ad?

Absolutely! Our in-house copywriters can write content for any (or all) of your marketing, from website copy, social media posts, eDMs, press ads to point of sale. We can come up with campaign concepts, video and radio scripts, write catchy headlines; and produce short, medium and long-form copy for SMS, brochures, blog posts and articles.

You can provide your own completed copy or get our copywriters to proofread any content and make sure it’s search engine friendly. Alternatively, we’re happy to write the whole thing from scratch and will only need a little help from you to get off and running.

Can you look after my website for me once it is complete?

Yes, when you receive your quote, you will find an option for a website support plan. If you choose this option, Orion will look after your website by making sure all the programs and plugins used are kept up-to-date and all security patches are installed. This is a great way to prevent your website from getting spammed or hacked and is highly recommend.

Why can’t I send my email marketing campaign myself?

When you send out emails to thousands of recipients at once you need to use a purpose built program to ensure you are following legal guidelines and not coming across as a spammer.

Sending out a tonne of identical emails from your personal email account will almost always result in your Internet Service Provider (such as Telstra, Optus, etc.) blacklisting you as a spam account – leaving you unable to send or receive any further emails. These same ISP’s understand that when an email comes from a proper program (such as ours) that it is a legal marketing email and not spam.

There is also the advantage that these programs provide detailed reporting on your campaign, such as who opened the campaign, who clicked a link, at what time and on what device – statistics you aren’t able to get any other way.

What does ‘eDM’ mean?

‘eDM’ stands for ‘electronic direct mail’. It’s commonly known as email marketing or an email campaign.

What is web hosting and why do I need it?

Web hosting refers to the online space where your website files reside. Without web hosting no one would be able to access your site. We offer web hosting at competitive rates and are happy to manage your hosting for you.

Why isn’t my website ranked first on Google?

Google is constantly updating its own algorithm to provide users with the best possible search results, and the aim in recent years is to reward sites with great, well-written and original content over sites that spam keywords throughout their copy in an effort to rank. Google also ranks responsive websites (optimised for mobile devices) over non-responsive sites when users conduct a search on a mobile device.

There are many factors that could hinder your ranking, including poor content, incorrect coding, poor external links, and many others. Remember, your competitors are also trying to rank highly and so you are directly competing with their efforts.  Keep an eye on our blog for helpful tips on how to increase your Google rank and the pitfalls to avoid.