Ontera is a carpet designer and manufacturer based in Australia and New Zealand. Their carpet ranges combine style with technology and environmental innovation. Ontera is part of Milliken – one of the largest privately held companies in the world. The company takes a sustainable and ethical approach to the innovation and manufacture of its products.

Ontera approached Orion to help develop the look and feel for a new carpet range called Patina Vibes. The range is an intricate and textured collection inspired by surface oxidisation – a natural phenomenon that occurs when certain metals are exposed to the elements.


The beauty of nature at work was the inspiration for Patina Vibes. The collection focuses on the process of atmospheric ageing that naturally occurs all around us.

Getting a bit sciency…

To recreate the patina process, Orion first collected materials from several scrap metal places. We selected a variety of metals including uncoated steel, sheets of copper and other metals for testing.

Each type of metal had a different process:

  • For copper, we created a sealed chamber with ammonia and salt. We time lapsed the resulting patina over a few hours. Each time the result was different but always a variation of a vibrant blue.
  • For steel, we sprayed a combination of bleach and vinegar one time, and vinegar peroxide and salt another time. The result occurred quite quickly, so we used a combination of straight filming and timelapse to see the rust effect in detail.


We also photographed the product as carpet swatches, then photo edited and retouched the in-situ images supplied by the client.


Bringing it all together

In post-production, Orion then created a range of colours to reflect rust and patina, including oranges, reds, blues and greens.

We used the imagery from our photo shoot to design a range of sales and marketing collateral which included a product folder and 32-page gatefold brochure.




To generate excitement around the launch, Orion produced a video incorporating the timelapse and still photography recorded during the patina process. Ontera shared the video across their customer database and via social media channels.

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