New Website: Hear the Children

Hear the Children provides specialised therapy, free-of-charge, to hearing impaired babies and pre-schoolers.

Orion provided Hear the Children with a free-of-charge content managed site, so they can continue doing their great work with hearing impaired babies and pre-schoolers.

It’s just a nice, warm, baby-smelling story all round…sorry, got a bit clucky there.

The new Hear the Children site was built on a system called WordPress. I mention this because it’s becoming increasingly apparent that our clients have heard, or experienced first-hand, good things about WordPress.

Any time I’ve had to run a client through using and updating their new WordPress-based site, it has gone very smoothly, especially considering how difficult learning new software can be. It’s an exceedingly easy, intuitive system for the layperson to use. (Setting up and customising it is a slightly different story…)

…what you have achieved within the confines of WordPress is amazing!
Yvonne Keane, Hear the Children

With a bit of magic, we can make WordPress do anything you want, or look any way you want. If you already know how to use WordPress, you still get a fully customised CMS site–which looks a million bucks–but you don’t have to learn a new system, or break the bank. And if you’re new to WordPress, it doesn’t take long to learn, and then you’ll have learnt a new skill!

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