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Orion Creative understands that having a positive visual identity for your brand is crucial to your success, and is something that needs to be looked at every few years to ensure that your portrayal is up-to-date and relevant to all of your stakeholders.

Our graphic design studio is conveniently located in Sydney’s Hills district and our experienced team can bring your brand to life. We have highly skilled and knowledgeable graphic designers who are pros at taking your brief and then creating a range of eye-catching and memorable designs for digital, online and print audiences.

From a timeless and memorable logo design, to eye-catching marketing collateral, right down to personalised stationery, we’ll ensure that your branding presents a consistent message that helps spread awareness about your business and sells your various product offerings.

Great graphic design helps customers connect with you, and be more inclined to make use of your services. We provide a no-hassle solution that generates results. No industry jargon – just an innovative solution tailored to your needs.

get noticed – for all the right reasons

It doesn’t matter how good your products or services are if no-one knows about you. That’s where Orion can help. Our expert graphic designers have many years’ experience in helping bring brands to life, with a varied range of design options available for your overall look and marketing collateral.

Think of any iconic brand – what do they each have in common? A business logo that’s instantly recognisable, sometimes without the need to even mention the company name. If you want to reach for the stars, you’ll need a likeable, versatile and durable design that can stand the test of time, whether you’re a retail outlet, a small business, or a large corporation.

From the typography to visual art and illustration, we’re experts at arranging information and images into attractive, user-friendly formats. Our graphic designers can work with you on any digital or print design project, which means that you’ll have continuity in all aspects of your business.

When it comes to your brand design, a logo and all of your self-promotion collateral acts as a reflection of your company and what you stand for. By getting to know you and your values, we’ll strive to provide you with a design that’s truly personal and meaningful to you and your team, and even more importantly, to your customers and prospects.

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Fresh designs, professionally presented

You’ve worked hard to build up your brand and earn a reputation for excellence within your chosen field – so isn’t it time that your graphic design caught up? Our team can help you with that.

It doesn’t matter how good the layout and content of your collateral is if the output isn’t up to scratch. All that hard work coming up with a great strategy, stunning graphic design, engaging photography and top-notch copywriting can quickly be ruined by substandard printing or an incorrectly-formatted, low-resolution PDF.

We’ll make sure that every aspect of your graphic design strategy works, so there are no weak links, and this extends to printing, too. Poor print results can make your business look unprofessional and can have a massive negative impact on your reputation.

With a strong network of suppliers and contacts, you can be assured that once the design is complete, we can handle all your printing needs. With a variety of styles, stocks and effects available, we can ensure the final product looks as good as you imagined it. And with 25+ years of experience, we’re in a position to provide the best advice and get the most competitive prices.

Digital design that gives you the edge

We design for multiple channels and touch points to deliver a truly memorable digital experience for your customers, whether that be on a website, online portal, or direct to their mobile device. From campaigns to websites, email marketing to online banners, our digital design team are experts at creating communication that’s fresh, compelling and portrays your brand in the best possible light.

It’s essential to produce digital designs that are aligned to the wants, needs and aspirations of your target audience – to get noticed, keep them interested, and help initiate a purchase. Don’t fall to the back of the queue behind competitors who are taking a bolder design approach. Dull-looking images and pages won’t catch the eye, and you may well lose potential revenue as a result. Orion’s designers create eye-catching digital imagery with visual strong points that encourage greater engagement.

We offer a wide range of digital design services for websites, branding, email campaigns and online advertising. Whether you’re looking for an interactive, user-friendly website, a sleek looking email marketing design, or online banners that really stand out, our team is ready to make a difference.

Printed collateral designed with flair

When it comes to the design of your communication pieces, all we need is a brief that includes a good indication of the type of target audience you want to reach. With your input and our own graphics expertise, we’ll work together to create something that effectively sells the propositions you want to present.

Orion Creative has designed many hundreds of brochures, flyers, catalogues, magazines and newsletters over the years. All our work adheres to brand guidelines, and we make sure products, services and achievements are highlighted front and centre.

“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.”

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Design that speaks with one voice

Orion’s talented graphic design team will work with you to design, create and implement a complete range of marketing collateral and custom stationery to ensure your brand always presents a coherent and memorable message for clients, prospects and suppliers – in one consistent voice.

To see how we can help you, take a look at some of our latest work. You might get some inspiration for the direction you want your graphic design to take. Alternatively, if you’d like something completely different and unique, we’re up for that, too. Our friendly, experienced specialists can work with you to come up with a customised solution that will pay dividends for your business, in both the short and long-term.

Frequently asked Questions

Graphic design is the art and skill of combining and arranging pictures and other visual elements with text to convey specific messages to different audience groups. Graphic designers shape all the visual aspects of ads, marketing collateral, logos and brand identity, websites, packaging, events and more.

Graphic designers often work on static visuals and print materials. They consider factors like colour, typography, and composition to convey a message or evoke a specific emotional response. Whereas web design focuses on designing a website’s visual and interactive elements. Web designers work on the layout, navigation, design and overall aesthetics of websites and landing pages to enhance the user experience. A growing number of graphic designers at design agencies also have web design skills.

Main specialties of graphic designers who work in a design agency include: visual identity design (the way a company is presented visually, such as through their logo and collateral, ranging from uniforms and vehicles to stationery); advertising design (digital and print ads, social media campaigns, posters and billboards etc.), marketing collateral (eBooks, White Papers, email campaigns, capability documents), illustration (as part of a brand’s look and feel, for infographics or explainers etc.), product packaging (designing packaging for FMCGs and retail offerings), presentations (design driving engagement on sales materials, fact sheets and more), environmental (designing signage at physical locations, such as way finding graphics and event booths) and motion graphics.

Agencies usually estimate how long a design task will take and then multiply that by an hourly rate. The design work produced usually comes with two rounds of edits included in their quoted price. If there are changes made by the client that are out of scope, these design modifications can typically incur an extra charge. Think of it like a newly-built house and then the new home owner wants to change the bathroom after it’s done. Additional payment is needed.

A logo acts as the core pillar of a company’s branding, often serving as the initial touchpoint for prospective customers. So ensuring that your logo not only captures your brand essence, yet also resonates with consumers, is crucial. There are a number of aspects that go into successfully designing a logo, and they may vary depending on your needs and the industry in which you operate. So, what makes for a good logo? A good logo is: Appropriate, Memorable, Simple, Relevant, Scalable, Timeless, and Versatile. Getting these seven qualities right will help ensure that when prospects see it, they’ll get a positive impression and be able to connect with your brand in a confident way.