Here's how we make you look good

Branding Services

Orion offers all the creative branding services you need to build your brand, conduct tactical campaigns and stay on strategy. Committed to exceeding your expectations, Orion’s priority is to find the best way to deliver outstanding results for your business.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers are pros at taking briefs and bringing ideas to life in incredible ways. We design for multiple channels and touch points to deliver a truly memorable experience, and can craft your brand’s visual identity to help customers connect with your business and be more inclined to make use of your services.

Web Design

Eye-catching web design is a crucial aspect of telling your brand’s story and connecting people to your products and services. We’ll ensure your web design is tailored to your brand and expresses its individuality, choosing a mix of fonts, colours, images and personal touches that are 100 percent, uniquely yours.

Web Development

Want a complete web solution that delivers long-term online success for your business? Our in-house web developers will work with you to implement your online strategy and identify what you need from your website to succeed. Bring your loftiest ambitions to us and we will translate them into a fully functional online solution.

Email Marketing

Looking for engaging email marketing campaigns that hit the mark every time? Orion offers first-class design and development of your email communications to ensure they not only look fantastic, but that they’re accompanied with a targeted subject line that gets people to open them, engaging content that gets people to read them and on-point messaging that drives interaction.  


Effective communication is key to a successful business, and our copywriting team is there to help get your message across. Through clear, compelling copy, our professional writers can connect customers with your brand in a truly meaningful way. From print to digital, we craft content that grabs your customers’ attention and persuades them to buy more, more often.


People are more likely to do business with someone they know and trust, and our photographers can snap the perfect photos for your brand that not only look great, but that also spark that initial connection, build trust and help potential customers get to know you. Whether you’re after some lighthearted photos or something more professional, let us put you in the spotlight.


Our videographers are experienced in all aspects of video production, having created a wide variety of unique, impactful custom-made videos for businesses both large and small. Regardless of the length or subject, videos made by Orion are guaranteed to hook in the viewer, keep them engaged, and ensure they finish the video informed, entertained or both.

Social Media

Social Media

Knowing your target audience is active on social media is one thing, but successfully reaching them with the right types of content, with the right messaging and at the right time is another. Our social media marketers have worked with hundreds of brands in building their online presence, creating engaging content and turning their social platforms into ones that demand attention on the news feed.


Whether you’re looking for an SEO campaign to boost your search engine ranking, an SEM campaign to increase your business’ exposure through paid advertising, or both – Orion’s digital marketers have the expertise and know-how in building and implementing effective SEO and SEM strategies to help take your business’ online presence to the next level.