Meet Our Crew


Our creative team brings together friendly and experienced professionals in many different yet integrated fields. Our skill sets include graphic design, web design, photography, video production, illustration, web development, copywriting, SEO, social media management, digital marketing and marketing strategy.


Mark Rowe

Mark Rowe

Managing Director

Mark is Orion Creative’s Managing Director, not to mention fearless leader. A seasoned creative with over 30 years’ experience in the advertising industry, Mark founded Orion Creative back in 1996, and has since grown the business from the ground up into the highly regarded creative agency we are today.

Shaun Hagarty

Creative Director

Shaun is Orion’s Creative Director and has been with the company for more than 13 years. The brains behind our brawn, Shaun is the creative keystone of nearly every one of our projects and understands what works best and what doesn’t across all digital channels, as well as print. He has wide ranging design, illustration and video editing skills in addition to creative direction and has a proven track record of delivering innovative end-results and providing complete client satisfaction.


Jasmine Ng

Digital Designer

Jasmine is a talented Designer who’s been with Orion for more than 12 years. When it comes to creating high quality, eye-catching content for our clients, she always delivers, with graphic design based solutions that trigger the right kind of response from target audiences. Orion’s go-to for all things photography and video production, Jasmine’s passion for her work shines through in everything she produces.

Lauren Grenier

Digital Designer

Lauren has been with Orion for more than six years and possesses superior graphic design skills. Before Orion she worked for another six years at a number of large companies within marketing teams. The fun, bubbly, unique personality that Lauren exudes in her day-to-day life extends to her professional career and she is loved by colleagues and clients alike. She possesses a knack for creating delectable digital designs that wow audiences and win hearts.

Angie Xu

Digital Designer

Angie is a highly skilled Designer with a decade of experience in graphic design spanning a wide range of industries. For some, graphic design is simply about making things look good and ensuring designs stand out from the crowd. For Angie, it’s about producing creative that tries to make people’s lives better as well as creating designs that turn heads and get noticed. She loves designing beautiful, interesting, welcoming and empathetic content, so audiences can be really engaged.  

Eric Cheung

Digital Designer

With 20 years of experience in marketing agencies, Eric knows his way around all facets of graphic design. He started with us in June 2023 and is a focused and hard-working quiet achiever. Eric is always willing to listen to a client’s needs, as it makes it easier for him to deliver with his design input so the client is happy at job’s end. He loves working on direct marketing projects and sees his role as supporting each brand’s values and identity as well as providing captivating visuality that gets results.

Web Development

Jesse Fisher

Jesse Fisher

Web Developer

Jesse is a Web Developer who’s worked at Orion for over six years, and possesses a further seven years’ experience in the wide-ranging field of web development. Jesse is Orion’s Mr. cool, calm and collected, which surprises clients when the websites he creates are anything but – he codes with flair, builds secure websites with certainty and doesn’t rest until the finished product is both fantastic and fully functional.

Shahaan Shaukat

Web Developer

Shahaan is a Developer with a big personality and a ready smile. He’s also big on expertise, stays focused, and is a fast problem-solver – essential ingredients for a top Web Developer. He joined us in May 2023 and over his 13-year career he’s built hundreds of complex, feature-heavy websites and landing pages that not only look great, but also get great results and achieve high user engagement. He keeps up-to-date with the latest dev advances and genuinely loves his work.


Philip Jenkinson

Philip Jenkinson

Senior Content Producer

Philip is a seasoned wordsmith and Content Producer who’s been with Orion for more than six years, in addition to his twenty-five years across the fields of copywriting, communications and digital marketing. Whether he’s tasked with creating cut-through advertising campaigns, crafting benefit-driven content for websites or brochures, writing engaging editorials, or steering paid social campaigns to success, Philip executes it all with ease.

Andrea Oliva


Andrea has over a decade’s experience in Business Development and Content Producing across a range of industries including real estate, health & beauty, and film and TV. Having worked in some of the biggest cities across the globe, Andrea’s passion has always been people, and cultivating relationships that lead to business growth and prosperity – no matter what the industry. Always one to think outside the box, nothing is more satisfying to Andrea than creating new opportunities by going out into the field, developing trust with prospective clients and generating success for the team through her warmth and charisma.