We are creating new and exciting problems

I know that it sounds a little bit like a weird title, but it is true.

As we are getting better and progressing with the ever evolving web design and development universe, we are creating a richer user experience and more interesting elements within our designs and development processes. Problem is, we are also creating more problems.

We all know that HTML5 has come out and that has gotten us at Orion Creative all excited at the possibilities it presents. We can now use sections, articles, header, footer, forms elements (just to name a few) as well as CSS3 really kicking off and making transitions, gradients, nth class elements and in general all that pretty looking stuff.

The issue with making awesome websites using the latest technologies is that we’re also developing and designing for the latest browsers, and even with some of the latest browsers (Internet Explorer 9, I am looking at you! I’m not picking on you, you’re just the one that is always causing trouble, why would you not allow gradients and rounded corners on elements? You allow either, but you do not allow both? Go sit in the corner and think about it for 10 minutes) is that not all of the browsers are going to look the same, is it important?, I will leave that up to you to decide, but lets just say that no browser is exactly the same… they use different engines, and each browser has multiple versions and on top of all that, all screens are different resolutions. On a side note, developing for latest technology and making the sites work (although not as pretty) in lesser browsers is called graceful degradation.

The thing that really gets me excited is when I figure out a little thing on the web that I find impressive. What I love more than that is making that little impressive thing before anyone else has (or without doing any research into how it works or to check to see IF anyone else has built it before, so basically the same thing yeah?)

Doing these awesome little things makes us sweat a little more, which is why often you’ll find us in just t-shirts and jeans. But the sweating is all worth while when you see these new and exciting problems resolve and we add our little contribution to the progression of web design and development.

See you and your next web project… in the future…