Keeping up with the

You know the feeling, your neighbours get a new car so you gotta get a new car. Your neighbours get a big screen TV, so you gotta get a big screen TV. Your neighbours get a website that uses the latest in web technologies, so you gotta get a website that uses the latest in web technologies.

Not as silly as it sounds. Did you know that old web code doesn’t always work on the new browsers? Did you also know that since its release in August 2008, Google Chrome is now the number 2 browser, nipping at the heels of Firefox? Which means that Internet Explorer is now in 3rd place for browser usage which also means that we’re now coding more for Chrome and Firefox which also means that we can code some really cool stuff.

On a side note, IE9 is no good, please don’t use it, use Chrome or Firefox please. I could rant about it but it’ll just waste my time and yours so just stop.

So, putting IE aside, we can now do some awesome web design and development, creating websites that use HTML5 elements and CSS3 designs, you too could own the best website on the block.

We’re not just talking about the look of your website either. Google likes to change their ranking algorithms as often I have hot showers, now, you probably think that there is a joke coming up, but no… they change their algorithms about 500 times a year which is about 1.5 times a day! So… you must keep up with that too.

So if your website is getting a little old, or you find that your sales are falling short or the website is just plain broke, give us a call or an email and we can work together on making that website of yours as awesome as Indiana Jones himself!

All browser stats are from w3schools.