Facebook ch ch ch changes

A few things Facebook admins need to know about the new Timeline feature.

If you’re using your Facebook page to its full potential you’d be right to be a little worried about Timeline. Let’s be honest, Facebook’s newest addition – as is – is not ideal for companies on the social networking site. But you can make it work for you. Here are a few ways.

1. Choose a beautiful cover photo
Select an inviting image. According to Facebook rules you can’t advertise or have a call to action, but you’ve got plenty of room to make a good impression in 815 x 351 pixels. Here are a few we like a lot.
http://www.facebook.com/toyota (pictured above)

2. Use apps
You can highlight any unique apps in the boxes next to your photos. The little pencil that comes up on the top right hand side of the box lets you swap the order of the apps.

3. Pin posts
This is a new function that you can use to draw attention to important stories. Click the pencil in the top right of any post to pin it to the top of the page. It will spread across the entire width of your Facebook page and stay there for up to a week. A great way to draw attention to competitions or the like.

4. Be social
The number one most important and often ignored thing about social media is that it is named so for a reason. Social media is social. It hinges on interaction and conversation between you and your followers. Always respond quickly and appropriately to messages and queries and you’ll be okay.

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