Update Your Browser

Update your browser or pay! That’s the message coming from online electronics retailer Kogan.com, who have introduced an ‘Internet Explorer Tax’ of 6.8% on any product you buy from the site.

It’s because IE7 has been on the market for almost six years, and it’s time-consuming and expensive to develop sites that function on the outdated browser.

“Internet Explorer 7 has long since passed its use-by date,” CEO Ruslan Kogan said. “It’s a constant source of frustration for our web guys and we’re sick of burning cash on a browser that hit the market nearly six years ago.”

He said users wanting to avoid paying extra should simply switch browsers to Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera or a more recent version of Internet Explorer.

It’s a problem we’re all-too-familiar with. We don’t like to whine or anything, but really, there’s no excuse not to update your browser. It’s fast, it’s free and it makes for a stress-free internet experience. Plus, if you’re still using IE7 you risk missing out on some of our coolest new sites, which don’t work on the old browsers. Like our work with Noall Financial Planning, the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists or anything we’ve ever put on YouTube.

We recommend Chrome, available freely here.