Love your business blog

Love your business blog…and it will love you back.

Posting a business blog entry can be a little like date night. Ok, it doesn’t tick all those boxes.

But it does involve setting aside time to foster your relationships with your customers.  It can provide a break from the routine of a day in the office or on the floor, and a chance to let your creativity off its leash.

Sure, the key goals of a business blog are productive. A blog can be an effective marketing medium, giving you the chance to highlight a new product or special deal to your readers. You can alert them to changes and developments, or ignite conversation – and pique customer interest – with some news or insight into your industry which a customer might find enlightening.

The best business blogs are like a breath of fresh air. It helps if you write with a smile on your face, so we’ve got a few suggestions to get yourself in the mood.

Set aside a regular time for your business blog

Any successful dater will tell you that just like date night, sometimes we need to set a time to make sure we follow through.

Which are your least busy times at work? Block out some time – start with an hour, or half an hour if that’s all you can spare – and do what you can to make yourself ‘offine’ or unavailable. It can really help the words flow if you can avoid interruption.

Verbal lubrication

Keep a small notebook where you can scrawl ideas for blog posts as they occur to you during the week. It can help get the words flowing on the page if you have some kind of starting point.

Get to know your significant other

Who are your readers? What clients do you like doing business with or want to attract more of? Write your business blog with these people in mind.

Set the mood

You may have just finished the morning’s urgent jobs, and you are ready to reward yourself with a less arduous task. You may consider chocolate. Chocolate is good. But blogging is better for you, is lower in sugar and entirely guilt free. Flowers are good, too. You could brew a tea (we like the summery aroma of jasmine), but unless you are in the business of herbal teas, this is not essential.

Even just closing down all the other windows on your desktop can be conducive to a fresh frame of mind. We’d like hear how you get in the mood – so post your tips in the comment section.

Feeling ready to tackle that next blog post? Stay tuned, in future instalments we’ll look at what to put in it. Can’t wait that long? Contact us.