Introducing Moore Park Golf’s bright and bold new website

A new website following a recent rebrand gives MPG a new lease on life

Moore Park Golf recently underwent a complete rebrand to update their perception in the community and better appeal to their demographic as the ultimate destination for golf, food and entertainment. Boasting a pristine golf course in the heart of the Centennial Parklands precinct just minutes from Sydney’s CBD, Moore Park Golf accommodates casual golfers, corporate groups and social events.

The brief

Looking to move away from the conventional view of golf, Moore Park Golf (MPG) were on the hunt for some creative minds to build them a new website that delivered both an exceptional user experience and was easy to update and add content on a continual basis.

Ultimately, the vision was to update their image so it not only appealed to the traditional, serious golfer, but also targeted the younger demographic.

The solution

As Sydney’s ultimate golf and entertainment destination, Orion’s digital design and web development team focussed on creating an inviting hub for visitors to gain information online.

Having recently updated their branding with a new logo, typeface and colours, we utilised WordPress to create a website with bright, complementary colours in a design that effectively aligns with the new brand and catches the audience’s attention.

The website showcases newly shot, high-energy photographs of MPG’s grounds and players’ in action. Visually, the website is vibrant and seamlessly functional. Drawing the eye across the beautiful Sydney skyline to relevant menu options.

Packed with information on golf lessons, club membership and entertainment opportunities, Orion’s web developers created 6 custom page layouts within the site.

In line with their target audience, the website is structured to increase social media engagement. The inclusion of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube icons displayed on the side of every page of the website, gently encourages visitors to connect with the Club via their social media channels. The addition of a live feed linked to their dedicated hashtag #MPGolf completed the social media approach.

The site is mobile optimised – so the user experience is as impressive from a mobile device as it is from a PC.

Moore Park Golf Website


The cherry on top for this project is the EDM (email) Orion’s digital designers created. Designed in a consistent style as the website, the email template consists of a feature article, followed by multiple smaller articles. With a flexible layout so each section can be added or removed depending on the content, Moore Park Golf are now set-up to populate and send a well-designed email whenever they please.

Moore Park Gold eDM

The response

With a revitalised brand that well and truly appeals to a younger demographic, Moore Park Golf are now well positioned as the destination for a round of golf, great food and entertainment.

Website traffic has increased as a result of the re-build, with a growth of over 9% in page views within the first month after going live.


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