Protection Plans for WordPress and Drupal

Keep your website protected, up-to-date and secure with a Protection Plan for WordPress and Drupal.

What is a Protection Plan?

A Protection Plan is a monthly retainer that allows our staff to monitor your website for security flaws, update your CMS version, update all necessary plugins/themes and install latest security patches. It also allows us to take backups and store them in an off-site location, ensuring that there is always a site backup available in multiple safe locations.

These updates can help to protect your site against newly discovered security vulnerabilities, hacking attempts and other issues that can temporarily or permanently affect your website. It’ll also maintain site performance and ensure that any new CMS features are available to you. If you do not continue with a Protection Plan

Clients who do not agree to a Protection Plan will be fully responsible for their sites maintenance and security and will be provided with full Administrator level access. Clients are advised that sites that are not regularly maintained run an increased risk of being hacked, which can lead to their site being infected with malware, getting blacklisted by Google, or even being deleted. Requirements for a Protection Plan

  • Orion must have built the site and it must not have been without a Protection Plan for more than 3 months. Clients that wish to subscribe to a Protection Plan that do not meet these requirements may incur an additional setup fee upon assessment.
  • Each Protection Plan is valid for 1 website only.
  • To take advantage of the monthly off-site backups, the site must be hosted with Orion Creative. If not, the backups will instead be handled by your chosen host provider.


Why do I need a Protection Plan?

Managing updates and keeping on top of the latest security vulnerabilities takes time – a lot of time – that could be better spent on your business, doing what you’re best at. Our Protection Plan will provide the peace of mind that the money you have invested in your website is protected. Can you imagine losing your entire website? How would that impact your business? Let us manage this for you and you can keep your focus where it belongs.

Does a Protection Plan guarantee my site will never be hacked?

While Orion cannot guarantee that a site under our Protection Plan will never get hacked, with a Protection Plan in place we will be able to provide greater security than an average site. At the very least, we will be able to restore any compromised sites to the latest backup.

Will you fix bugs on my website?

Orion will perform bug-fixes as a result of any Orion Creative coding errors for the first 3 months after a new site build has been completed, even if you do not have a Protection Plan. In the event that any errors were caused by the client’s team, or vendors working on behalf of the client, fixes may incur an additional charge. Orion will advise costs before undertaking any additional work.

What if updating a plugin or theme breaks my site?

In the event that an update causes an issue with the site, we will immediately restore the latest backup to get you up and running. We will then advise on the issue before proceeding further. If a plugin is no longer viable, due to it no longer being supported or compatible, we will advise on a replacement or next steps.

What does a Protection Plan not cover?

A Protection Plan does not cover changing content on your website, uploading images, changing page layouts, updating the design, technical support or phone support. A Protection Plan is used purely to manage your security, maintain your website and keep regular backups to ensure your website is performing to the best of its ability and has greater protections against hack attempts.

Can I move my website and/or data somewhere else?

Yes, you are under no obligation to host your website with Orion. If you’d like to change host, we can give your new hosting provider access to move the website files and databases. In the event that you need Orion to move the files for you, that may incur a small fee.

If you’d like us to continue managing your website after you’ve moved your hosting, we can advise on a solution after reviewing the access we have available. Protection Plan details

Just like your phone, websites need regular updates to ensure high levels of security are maintained, plugins are running smoothly and Google is ranking your website higher.

WordPress & Drupal Protection Plan includes:

  • Security monitoring
  • Monthly offsite backup and restoration
  • Core updates
  • Plugin/Modules updates
  • Theme updates
  • If client is hosting the site, we will need to check cPanel access including FTP, to confirm we can offer a protection plan. Offsite backups depend on functions provided by client’s hosting provider. If they are not able to provide these, offsite backups will not be possible

For more information on Protection Plans, please get in touch by emailing