Errors stop people in there tracks… or more accurately, their tracks. You have to nowhere to look… or better still, know where to look. Its’ critical… well actually, it’s critical. Your welcome… or to get that right, you’re welcome.

A spelling error or grammatical mistake can undermine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, turn off people trying to interact with your business, and have a negative impact on your company’s reputation – immediately via negative shares on social media, or more subtly in that prospects might just quietly give you a miss and go to the next company instead.

Orion Creative is an advertising, marketing and design agency based in Sydney’s Hills district, and we’re fortunate to have talented copywriters (we call them Content Producers as that’s what they do) who not only know how to write powerful and engaging content, but also how to thoroughly proofread what’s written. So you won’t find any spelling or grammatical errors on this page, except for the examples we used in our first paragraph. And of course, an automated spellcheck only goes so far.

Our ‘eagle-eyed’ copywriters will ensure that your tone of voice and use of language stays consistent with your company’s brand guidelines, while aligning with today’s optimal standard of written and spoken English, across all of the digital, online and print projects that we handle for you.

Anything that bears your name and your logo is a reflection of your company, so it’s crucial to maintain a high standard – across your websites, landing pages and social channels, in every EDM sent out, plus within your digital and print ads, brochures, flyers, catalogues, articles, blogs, POS, signage, and more.

If you want something proofread and/or copy-edited before it’s published, Orion can handle it. If you want to be assured that the content created for you has also been professionally proofread, Orion ticks that box too.

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