A spelling error or grammatical mistake can undermine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and have a negative impact on your company’s reputation. If you’ve gone to the trouble of hiring a great copywriter from Orion Creative, then you won’t have to worry about any mistakes! If you would prefer to write your own content, but simply need a fresh set of eyes to sense-check it, then our proofreading service is perfect for your needs. Our “eagle-eye” copywriters will ensure that your tone and use of language stays consistent and professional across both print and digital.

Anything that bears your name and your logo is a reflection of your company, and as such it’s crucial to maintain a high standard of written English on all pages of your site, eDM’s, brochures, magazines and a range of other documents. We have experienced in-house copywriters who have a great grasp of spelling, grammar, sentence structure and layout. We’ll ensure there are no inconsistencies in your writing and that everything is fit for publication.

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