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Quality, engaging business videos in Bella Vista and beyond.

The power of video has well and truly taken the internet by storm. Quickly becoming one of the top priorities across all the major platforms and apps like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, video content has evolved from a means of simple entertainment into a vital part of the marketing strategies of millions of businesses worldwide.

But while most businesses know that they should producing some sort of video content, many don’t have the expertise or resources to do it themselves and don’t understand how the strategy will help them directly. This is where Orion can help.

Regardless of the length or subject, Orion’s videography team are experts in creating videos that convey ideas and express emotion, things which cannot be achieved as successfully through other mediums like text and imagery. Our videos hook in the viewer, keep them engaged, and ensure they finish the video informed, entertained, or both.

If you’re looking for a video production company in Sydney’s Hills district or greater western suburbs, Orion Creative is conveniently based in Bella Vista. We have the expertise to create engaging content that captures and holds a user’s attention from start to finish, and delivers the messaging that you want to get across.

Let Orion Creative KICK GOALS FOR YOU

Orion Creative’s videographers are experienced in all aspects of video production, having created a wide variety of unique, impactful, custom-made videos for businesses both large and small.

Our professional team know how to get the most out of every shoot, and more importantly, how to bring our clients’ goals, ideas or aspirations to life. We believe the aesthetic look of our videos reflects on the professionalism and creativity of our clients, and we take the utmost care in ensuring every client is completely satisfied with the finished product.

Whether you’re looking for something simple like a 2D explainer video or something more complicated like a 3D animation, Orion has your needs covered – for internal initiatives and training, plus B2C and B2B prospect marketing. Our talented team use the most up-to-date video editing software such as Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, meaning nothing’s beyond us.

Our service to our clients isn’t limited to just video production – Orion can also handle all the other needs around the video such as building a landing page to host it, managing digital campaigns to promote it, as well as other important aspects of the process like preproduction, script development, voiceover recording and casting.

What’s more, our videographers are even able to edit, brand and polish footage shot by you or someone else. For a full service offering from concept to creation, and most importantly for videos that truly hit the target, look no further than Bella Vista based, Orion Creative.

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Slick, professional videos to promote your brand.

In a crowded marketplace, you’ve got to explore every avenue for what can give you the edge over the competition – and in today’s tech-savvy society, there’s no better way to get that edge than video marketing.

People are likely to come across your brand for the first time either by finding your website in the Google search results or via your social media pages. But getting them there is only half the battle – the next step is capturing their attention so they’re willing to learn more about and interact with your brand.

Your brand’s identity and personality are based entirely on the content you communicate to the world, and is the driving force behind how customers form their perception of your business. Whichever way you want to present your brand, video content is a great way to do this in the way it not only tells your brand story, but shows it.

So, if you want to keep up with, let alone outpace the competition, trust Orion for all your video production needs. Our videographers have the creativity and know-how to create fun, lively video content that will bring your brand to life.

We’re experienced in all areas of video production including 3D animation, motion graphics, video editing, TV commercials, voiceovers and more.


Corporate videos are a great tool for businesses to achieve their marketing goals and engage their customers, and often come in the forms of brand awareness videos, product launch videos, animated explainer videos, social media videos, testimonial videos, and much more.

But more than just a way of reaching customers, corporate videos are also extremely helpful for internal use such as engaging staff on company updates, sales seminars, training videos, HR requirements and upcoming events.

Whether you require a video for internal or external use, Orion’s team of expert videographers will make it their top priority to firstly develop a deep understanding of your business, and then relay your messaging in an informative, engaging and professional way.

Conveniently based in Bella Vista, Orion Creative has produced corporate videos for some of Australia’s largest corporations. Through a combination of scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming, animation and careful editing, we can also assist your organisation (small or large) with any type of corporate video you require.

Grow your business on social.

Video on social media has become one of the most powerful weapons businesses have in their armoury to gain new followers, drive sales and grow their brand, with all the major social media platforms having progressively pivoted towards video as their No.1 format of choice.

The use of videos on social media is a proven method for increasing exposure and engagement. The algorithms of platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram boost video content to a wider audience compared to posts or sponsored content with text, image and link alone.

More importantly, videos are a more personable way of engaging with your online audience. In 2024, being a brand is so much more than selling products and services, with consumers wanting to gain a deeper understanding about the values and people behind the brands to which they give their hard-earned money.

Orion Creative, located in Bella Vista, specialise in creating social media videos for specific audiences that build awareness, drive engagement and convert prospects into paying customers. No matter the size of your business following online, our social media videos are guaranteed to stop your audience in their tracks – in a good way.

“The play button is the most compelling call-to-action on the web.”

Michael Litt

Trust the process AND LOVE THE END-RESULT

For over 25 years, Orion has created hundreds of videos for businesses spanning a wide range of industries. And for each one, our strategic, methodical process remains the same to ensure our clients in Bella Vista, the wider Hills District and greater Sydney, fall in love with the final result.

We start with developing ideas for the video, partnering with our clients to narrow down the key proposition/s and message drivers and then create the ideal concepts, storyboard and script to meet our agreed production goals. Once this initial stage is complete, it’s time to shoot.

Our videography team gathers all the required filmmaking gear and then makes their way to the filming location. During the shoot, Orion works closely with our clients and listens to their input and feedback, in order to give our clients the most memorable experience possible.

Once we’ve finished filming, we get started on the editing process using advanced, professional video editing software. This process includes thoroughly examining the footage, adding necessary audio or voiceovers, and generating animated graphics to ensure a superior product.

Orion collaborates closely with each and every client we work with. This means your organisation can be assured that your video is telling the story you want it to. With your input and our professional expertise, the videos we make really shine. Call or email us today to get the ball rolling. Or visit our office in Bella Vista, or we’ll come to you.