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It’s essential to optimise your online presence, to find more prospects and then turn them into customers. Yet going it alone can take a lot of time, resources and effort to be effective. That’s why most businesses turn to digital marketing agencies. Chances are, your competitors are doing it – so if you’re not, you can’t expect to compete on a level playing field, let alone outpace the competition.

That’s where Orion Creative can help. We’re a results-focused digital marketing agency based in Norwest Sydney that provide digital services in Australia and around the world, to get your message out there, improve your visibility, and deliver tangible outcomes for your business.

Our services include social media campaigns management, digital advertising, direct marketing, content marketing, search marketing and more. Whatever you need to promote your brand and your product range, we can offer a custom solution to make a real difference and deliver the results you want.

The ‘Digital in Australia 2019’ report confirms that ‘on the go’ social usage continues to grow.  The number of mobile social media users has risen to over 12 million, which is an increase of 6.7% since 2018. The number of Australians that Facebook can reach is steady at 16 million and LinkedIn has grown 10% to be 11 million. While Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat have a combined audience of 18 million.

All this social media activity presents a massive opportunity for businesses large and small. Orion Creative is helping a growing number of clients, across a wide variety of industries, obtain great results from B2B and B2C campaigns via PPC lead generation, sponsored content and paid boost campaigns.

Digital marketing and social media marketing can be confusing to the uninitiated, what with all the buzzwords and acronyms you may run into. Even if you’ve done digital before, it can really drain the internal resources needed to create, run and monitor campaigns effectively. So why not let our expert staff help out and save yourself the time and energy that could be focused on other areas of your business.

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