The humble email can be a truly effective marketing tool if used correctly, and you can bet that here at Orion Creative we know all about how best to go about this. We have a varied and effective range of services; whether that involves sending out eDM’s to try and get people to respond to calls to action (such as purchasing a product or signing up for something), maintaining a consistent brand message with regular newsletters, or sending new customers a welcome message.

We’ve all seen emails from companies in our inbox trying to sell a product, but how often do we actually open them? Much of the time, if they don’t draw the eye and catch your attention, then ultimately they will remain unread or go straight into the trash folder. With the help of our email marketing services, however, we’ll ensure that your emails are engaging, interesting and persuasive, so prospective customers will be happy to click through and find out more about your services.

One of our main advantages at Orion is the fact that we’ve assembled so many great creatives from varying but connected fields; from our expert copywriters who will help you produce short, sharp and persuasive content, to graphic designers who will make everything in the email look great, and our digital marketing specialists who will help you with a planning and implementing a successful strategy. There’s no need to go to several different agencies when all of our experts are under one roof!

Whether you want to reinforce customer loyalty and encourage repeat business (who wouldn’t?) or acquire brand new customers, email marketing is a great method of doing this, and Orion is the perfect choice to help you on this journey. We’ll listen to your needs and strive to come up with a personalised, effective campaign that will do wonders for your business.