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Your social media accounts are a valuable resource to connect with prospective customers, leverage your existing ones, and build engagement with your audience groups. The ability to quickly reach specific B2B and B2C target audience groups, via PPC Sponsored Content, Sponsored Lead Generation, Paid Boosts, and Google Ads, make social media marketing a necessity in 2020 and beyond.

Social is a vital part of any good digital marketing strategy. Running your company’s social yourself can be a real hassle and time-consuming too. Plus there’s always the need to stay on top of the latest developments in social products and techniques, so you maximise your presence and your ROI. This is even more critical with paid campaigns – and that’s where Orion Creative can assist.

Our approach is about communicating in a compelling way that builds relationships and instigates action, with content that resonates to expand your brand’s reach and relevance. We know the very latest ways to create, schedule, bid and optimise your paid social campaigns (and your organic social presence if you need help with that) to ensure that prospects, in specified locations, are seeing and responding to your messages – for your short-term sales success and your long-term brand growth.

The Orion team has content specialists with social media management expertise using LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, to promote businesses across a variety of industries with B2B and B2C campaigns. Over the past two years, we have managed 268 B2B campaigns across 10 company accounts reaching 12 countries and gained 4,561 leads for our clients on LinkedIn. One business we’ve managed B2B social campaigns for is US cloud computing company, Oracle NetSuite, running campaigns in ANZ, South East Asia and India – with excellent R.O.I. and results way above LinkedIn benchmarks. We’ve also run B2C tactical campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn for Sydney-based SMEs too, successfully promoting events, new offers, product lines and services for companies large and small.

We love what we do in the social marketing space. Being able to see the traffic coming in, finding out who’s converting, and which messages are resonating is exciting and allows for campaign tweaking on the go. Our skills include creating powerful lead-generation and sponsored content ads and posts, writing engaging articles and other digital content, plus setting, reviewing and monitoring bids and budgets to enhance results. We always report on the analytics that matter at the end of each campaign.

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