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Over 85% of Australians have at least one social media account, and the same is true for most businesses. Many of us have several accounts and some have more than five. So social is not in the margins, but well and truly mainstream. Facebook revealed in July 2017 that 12 million Australians use the platform on a daily basis, plus Youtube has around 1 million active users here, and around 500,000 Australians are on LinkedIn regularly.

Your social media accounts are a valuable resource to connect with prospective customers, leverage your existing ones, and build engagement with your target audience groups. The ability to quickly reach specific B2C and B2B target audience groups, via ads (Pay Per Click, Banner Display, Text Ads, etc), Sponsored Updates, Sponsored Lead Gen Content and Paid Boost campaigns, makes social media marketing such a terrific option.

If you’re not putting in the necessary time and energy into conducting social media marketing, then you’re leaving these resources untapped, and social media is a vital part of any good digital marketing strategy. Running your company’s social (including the paid accounts) yourself, or having a staff member do it, can be a real hassle and time consuming too. Plus there’s always the need to stay on top of the latest developments in social, so you maximise your presence and your ROI.

That’s where Orion Creative can assist. We know how best to create, schedule, bid and optimise your paid and organic social presence with updates, content pieces and social ads to ensure that the maximum number of the right people in the right geo’s are seeing and responding to your messages – for short-term sales success and long-term brand growth.

The Orion team includes specialists with social media management expertise, and one of the organisation’s we’re managing is US cloud computing company, Oracle NetSuite, for South East Asia. They’re based in Singapore, we’re based in Sydney, and since January 2018 we’ve been optimising their substantial LinkedIn spend across five countries in the S.E.A. – with excellent results way above LinkedIn benchmarks.

Our capabilities include creating engaging articles, images, videos and text, lead-gen ads and posts, setting and reviewing bids and budgets, tweaking campaigns to enhance results as we go, and reporting on the analytics. All to entice prospective customers, and direct prospects to landing pages, online forms, event registration portals, or websites.

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