Think of any iconic brand – what do they each have in common? A business logo that’s instantly recognisable for its visuality, sometimes without the need to even mention the company name. If you want to reach for the stars, you’ll need a likeable, versatile and durable design that can stand the test of time, whether you’re a retail outlet, a small enterprise, a medium-sized business, or a large corporation – and we work with all sizes.

Our graphic designers can work with you on any design project, which means that you’ll have continuity in all aspects of your branding, aligned to your new logo. This is essential when it comes to your brand design, since a logo acts as a reflection of your company and what you stand for. By getting to know you and your values, we’ll strive to provide you with a design that’s truly personal and meaningful.

For logo design in Sydney (we’re conveniently located in the Hills district), Orion has got your needs covered. We’ve got vast experience as a creative agency, and we know graphic design like the back of our hands, with plenty of logo designs to prove it.

Contact us now and we can help turn your company name into a memorable visual business identity.

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