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Event Marketing & Branding Services

Have you got an important event coming up? It doesn’t matter how innovative or revolutionary your seminar, conference, networking meet-up or corporate breakfast is – you need visibility and exposure to the right people to ensure it’s successful.

Here at Orion Creative, our main strength is the expertise and varied specialities of our people. By bringing together some of the best minds in differing but related fields, we can collaborate to provide a well thought out event marketing solution.

From pop-up banners to menus, event websites to on-site directional signage, we’ve seen and done it all for some of Australia’s biggest and most prestigious events.

With our comprehensive digital, online and offline event marketing strategies, we can help promote any event to the relevant target audience via social media campaigns and digital marketing, along with B2B or B2C advertising that targets potential attendees.

Need a consistent strategy to maintain the essence of your brand and make it more memorable to your audience? Look no further. Our graphic design expertise can provide all you need to make your event a success, from design elements like menus and name badges, to professional printing services for any marketing materials. Need clear, compelling content that will grab readers’ attention and portray your event as unmissable? That’s not a problem either, as we’ll provide you with expert copywriting to sell the benefits of attending in an engaging manner.

Online registration just got easier

Want to take registrations for your event online? We can design highly-customised websites that allows attendees to register for their chosen event with a few clicks, all branded to match your event and company guidelines. We’ll also provide you a unique login so you can view and manage your registrants, all in real-time.

And if you require a guest-list so only a chosen few can register for your exclusive event? Or how about only letting employees register for your internal dinner? Well we can handle that as well.

Custom website development is one of our core services at Orion Creative, so you know you’re in good hands when it comes to running a successful event website.

“Creativity & innovation is to events, what the heart & soul is to the living.”

Rehan Waris
Cisco Live 2019 event branding
Cisco Live event branding
Event email marketing
Email marketing

We’ve been helping event managers bring their events to life online and off for over 25 years. Contact Orion Creative to learn how we can take the pressure out of managing the digital and print components of your event, so you can get back to doing what you do best – organising an unforgettable event.