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Achieving online success requires a comprehensive marketing strategy that combines a range of different tools across multiple mediums. Two aspects of this strategy, that any business serious about getting results must include, are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). For effective SEO and SEM in Parramatta and beyond, you can count on Orion Creative in Sydney’s Norwest.

The reason SEO and SEM are considered such effective strategies is because they’ve been proven to be successful, and they keep on keeping on. They work today, they will work tomorrow, and they will work for months and years to come. This means that any time or money you invest into these strategies are sure to see a pay-off in the future.

For Parramatta based businesses looking for a sure-fire way to elevate your online presence, Orion Creative, in Sydney’s Norwest, has got what it takes. Our site engine gurus have the know-how and experience to build and implement powerful SEO and SEM strategies to deliver great results for Parramatta, greater Sydney, and all around Australia.

expand your online presence

SEO and SEM are proven, tried and tested ways to increase the online exposure of the business and strengthen the company’s position in the market. While they both share the same end-goal of expanding your online presence and driving more traffic to your website, each has their own distinct benefits.

SEO is the art of optimising your website in various strategic ways to obtain the highest possible organic ranking on search engines. It’s a powerful way to strengthen your website and extend its reach, allowing your business to better connect with customers and increase its visibility. Put simply, SEO will help your organisation be found easier by more people, and thus have the potential to grow faster. Apart from an increase in site traffic, other benefits that naturally arise from a solid SEO strategy include higher conversion rates, longer time on page, increased brand awareness and an extended reach into new markets.

SEM, on the other hand, is an investment in paid advertisements that guarantees your website or business information will appear in the right place at the right time. Whereas SEO is a lot broader and more complex in what’s required to achieve optimal results. SEM can produce fast results by targeting audiences that have already shown interest in a business, product or service, and can be controlled to fit any budget or timeframe depending on your needs.

Digital agency, Orion Creative, retains the services of highly skilled SEO and SEM specialists. Whether you’re looking for an SEO campaign to boost your search engine ranking, an SEM campaign to help your business venture into the world of paid site advertising – or both. We can deliver terrific results for organisations located in Parramatta and surrounding suburbs, with a local focus and an Australia-wide reach.

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Level the playing field.

If you’re of the opinion that SEO and SEM are only for large enterprises with eye-popping marketing budgets, think again. Search engines have well and truly leveled the marketing playing field for businesses regardless of their size or influence, meaning that with the right strategy, small to medium-sized businesses can muscle their way into their biggest competitor’s space and match it with the best.

But although it’s possible for any business to achieve good results with SEO and SEM, this cannot be done through guesswork. It requires a professional well-versed in digital marketing’s best practices to successfully implement strategies unique to your business to truly see a good pay out on your investment. This is where Orion Creative can help.

No matter your business size, marketing budget or level of experience, our marketing maestros can provide an effective service to gain you greater levels of online exposure. Our agency can deliver companies based in the Parramatta district with measurable results that will transform your online presence and increase your brand awareness.

seo and sem are stronger together

There’s no doubting the outstanding results SEO and SEM can produce individually. Unless you’re an expert in this space, many business managers question which is the best fit for the company. Yet while these strategies are often presented as either/or, Orion encourages companies interested in these services not to pit the two against each other, but to complement one with the other in order to reap larger rewards.

As previously mentioned, SEO and SEM share a common goal, but have different timeframes and requirements. SEO produces results that are designed for longevity, but requires time, patience and consistent efforts. SEM produces fast, paid results that bring in the right traffic, but requires strategic thinking and an optimised website to convert one-off sales into loyal customers.

With Orion Creative managing your SEO and SEM campaigns simultaneously, we ensure your business gains more exposure and online recognition compared to only investing in one or the other. It’s what sets us apart from other agencies in Parramatta and the neighbouring Hills district.

Keyword research is vital.

You know your target audience is out there, somewhere, searching the web. But successfully reaching them? Leave that to us.

Located just 15 minutes from Parramatta in the Hills, Orion Creative can conduct thorough keyword research to understand what terms your audience is searching for. We then do everything we can to ensure it’s the business you’re involved with that appears when they do.

Our team has the expertise to research your audience needs, position your business as the solution, and convert quality leads that visit your website, for the sales team to follow up.

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SEO auditing for optimal results.

Did you know that there are over 200 factors that search engines look for when determining your website’s search ranking? Probably not. But we’re right up on that.

Our years of experience have taught us that SEO can be temperamental – it only takes one website change, one incorrectly optimised webpage or an algorithm update that has not been actioned for your site to impact your search ranking in a negative way.

Our expert team members are able to conduct an in-depth audit of your website to see how efficient your SEO currently is, outline areas that need to be fixed, and make suggestions on other elements that could be further improved, to yield you greater results.


One of the best tactics to build authority and rank higher on Google (and the other search engines too) is link building. Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks (also known as ‘backlinks’) to a website with the goal of improving search visibility.

Every backlink your website obtains is a vote of confidence in your brand, and more importantly lets Google know your business is influential and authoritative. For companies based in Parramatta and the neighbouring Hills district, Orion Creative’s digital marketers are knowledgeable in the most effective methods and techniques to acquire backlinks, which is one proven way of boosting your brand and getting customers through your door.

Retargeting delivers behind the scenes.

When you visit a website and then a few days later see an ad for that same site on a different webpage, you’ve just been retargeted – without even knowing it. Retargeting reminds your website visitors of your business, products and services after they leave your website without taking action. Since 97% of people who visit a site for the first time leave without buying anything, retargeting is a tactic worth considering.

Norwest based digital agency, Orion Creative, can develop appropriate retargeting ads that reach, re-engage and convert a portion of the visitors who’ve already displayed interest in your business. For Sales Managers and teams in companies located in the Parramatta district, this type of marketing campaign can make a very positive impact.