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Social Media Marketing in Parramatta

Social media marketing’s continued rapid rise in the digital sphere means it is now an absolute necessity. With over 80% of Australia’s population logging onto social media daily and over 3 billion people worldwide, it’s not hard to hard to see why social media marketing has become the #1 strategy that brands and companies are using to reach and communicate with their audiences. For effective social media marketing in Parramatta and beyond, you can rely on Hills-based Orion Creative to deliver.

The social media landscape is not an easy one to navigate, especially for those without much prior experience in running paid campaigns. A/B testing a boosted post on Facebook? Reaching new prospects in regional areas for a newly opened sales office on Insta and Facebook? Targeting industry seniority in specific cities or suburbs on LinkedIn? Orion can do it.

Knowing your target audience is active on social media is one thing, but successfully reaching the right audience with targeting parameters and making an enticing pitch to gain above-benchmark results, is another.

This is where Orion Creative can assist businesses based in Parramatta and surrounding suburbs. While some claim to be social media marketing experts, others can prove it, and Orion is a company with a proven track record of generating outstanding results for our clients.

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Every business wants to develop a strong presence on social media to make yourself known, build the customer base, and gain leads. Yet it can often feel like an uphill battle when you’re up against so much competition, unless you have the right outside talent available.

With more people and businesses active on social media than ever before, getting your target audience’s attention and building brand awareness is easier said than done. Fortunately, Orion Creative has the expertise and experience to make a real difference for Parramatta based businesses, by managing social media campaigns that deliver terrific R.O.I.

We understand that as no two organisations are the same, no two social media strategies should be the same, either. That’s why we work closely with every client to develop a deeper understanding of their brand’s personality, what they stand for, their USPs and what makes them different from competitors. Only then do we construct the campaign.

Orion Creative’s social media marketers, conveniently based 15 minutes away from Parramatta in Bella Vista, have worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes. We’ve managed over 300 B2B and B2C social campaigns over the past five years alone and are experts at increasing awareness, getting quality leads via providing informative industry-specific assets, and driving engagement across various audience sets – within NSW, throughout Australia and across the Asia Pacific. It’s what sets us apart from other digital agencies in Sydney’s North West.

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Create cutting-edge content – give your audience what they want.

The content that businesses post on social media is one of the most important factors of success. Yet it’s also probably the most common thing that so many seem to get wrong. Considering the volume of content posted every day directly competes for a user’s attention, it’s important to create content that catches the eye, sparks interest and highlights relevant user benefits.

Content plays a huge role in achieving business and social media objectives such as brand recognition, thought leadership, audience engagement and lead generation. Whether your goal is to educate, inspire or or specifically sell your services, businesses in Parramatta can benefit from Orion’s expertise.

When considering the value of content on social media, it’s important to understand that ‘content’ is a far-reaching term that includes everything from images, videos, blog posts, infographics, White Papers and even the actual text in the social post. Engaging your online audience with a new offer or sales promotion, or a great informative asset, not only helps get leads, it builds long term relationships that reap ongoing benefits.

Orion’s social media marketers have vast experience in planning and creating content for brands on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram that builds relationships with your audience, while at the same time supporting the branding, sales and marketing needs of your business.

Based in Sydney’s Hills district, Orion has the resources and track record to assist organisations in Parramatta with campaigns that yield great results. Our content is created in-house by our graphic design, video, and copywriting specialists and as our talent is in-house, we’re agile enough to act fast, and make it happen.

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Paid social – target who you want, where you want, when you want

If a business with 1,000 followers posts an article to Facebook, not all 1,000 people will see the post organically on their news feed. In fact, it’s likely that – depending on the quality of the content and how much engagement the post receives – only a small percentage will actually see it. That’s why it’s so much more effective to reach out to 50,000 or 150,000 targeted new prospects with a paid campaign.

To increase your chances of reaching your target audience at the right moment with the right message, you should consider investing in paid social media. Orion Creative has a lot of experience in creating and managing social campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, using sponsored content to promote our clients. It allows you to reach out to many more prospects than your existing followers, who can be specifically targeted via demographics, industry and seniority.

Orion Creative’s social media specialists know the very best and latest ways to create, schedule, bid and optimise your paid social campaigns. This ensures that companies in Parramatta can reach the right prospects in nominated locations who are most likely to want to see and respond to your organisation’s content – for your short-term success and long-term brand growth.

“Social media will help you build up the loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, tell others about you.”

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Trust Orion – a proven track-record of results

With so many businesses offering social media management, it can be hard to know who to trust. They all promise the world, but sometimes you’re left asking questions such as: Will they understand my brand? Can they generate great results? Am I too small-time? Are they passionate about what they do?

When Parramatta based organisations work with Orion Creative, conveniently located close by in Bella Vista, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands for social. Not only are our people incredibly knowledgeable in the social media marketing space – we also love what we do. Being able to see the traffic coming in, finding out who’s converting, and analysing which messages are resonating best is super exciting for us, and we channel the same level of enthusiasm into your brand as we do for our own.

Our skills include creating powerful lead-generation and sponsored content, writing engaging articles, sales assets and other digital content, plus setting and tweaking bids and budgets to enhance results. Over the past five years, our social media marketing team has managed over 200 B2B campaigns spanning across 11 company accounts and 12 countries, and have generated an incredible 4,500+ leads for our clients. We’ve also run over 100 B2C campaigns on Facebook and Instagram for Sydney-based businesses, successfully promoting events, new offers, product lines and services for companies large and small.

Companies in the Parramatta area can rely on Orion to deliver. We’re only 15 minutes by car for a meeting, and also just a zoom call or phone call away. Contact us for a chat on how you can start profiting from the power of social media marketing.