Slick, professional videos to promote your brand, an event or service don’t need to be big-budget

In a crowded marketplace, you’ve got to explore every avenue looking for what can give you the edge over the competition. These days, video marketing is becoming increasingly vital – whether that’s to promote an event or training course, a new service or product launch, or to build your brand.

If you’re looking for a video production company in Sydney to help you with this, then Orion is the perfect solution to your needs. We’ve got all the expertise and the tools for effective video production that won’t break the bank. Based in the Hills district of Sydney, our studio also features full green-screen capability and is well-equipped for photo shoots, for a highly professional end result. Orion is perfectly equipped to produce innovative, engaging B2B and B2C videos for trade shows, product launches, lead generation, plus for use on your social and digital communication channels as well as your website.

These days video marketing is becoming increasingly vital. Use the word “video” in an email subject line and it boosts Open Rates by 19% and increases Click Through by 65%. And when you include a video within an email, Click Through rates increase by a whopping 200-300%. So why wouldn’t you do it? It’s no surprise that Orion are creating more and more short campaign, testimonial and event-specific videos for clients, with great results.

Visual marketing is an ever increasingly popular method of building a unique and successful brand. More and more companies are adopting these strategies, so if you want to keep up with, let alone outpace the competition, then it’s essential you implement innovative videos. Don’t worry though, because our expert creative team has the experience, knowledge and vision to ensure a successful production every time. We’re experienced in all areas of video production and motion graphics; including animation, Flash, voice-overs, TV commercials, and film production.

For a small selection of what we can do, click through some of our previous work. We’ll be ready when you are.