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connecting with a global audience

Orion has worked with Citrix for over 20 years to manage their ongoing digital marketing, internal communications and direct sales activity. Encapsulating everything from email marketing, event marketing and digital campaigns to copywriting, video creation and countless designs of print collateral, Orion coordinates Citrix’s key marketing campaigns for their customers and partners across the globe – all communicated in a multitude of languages.

The Brief

Whether it be email campaigns, video production or digital marketing, when Citrix – a company with products used by 99% of Fortune 100/Fortune 500 companies and more than 400,000 people worldwide – are in need of creativity, their first port of call is always Orion Creative. Through multiple rebrands, Orion and Citrix have collaborated closely to achieve consistently high-quality results for over 20 years.

Complete marketing solutions across apj

The Citrix APJ team operates in multiple cities across seven key regions worldwide – ANZ, ASEAN, India, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Korea – meaning the content Orion produces is often needed in numerous different languages to accommodate their diversity.

A renowned world leader in the software space, Citrix need their marketing collateral to be engaging and of the same high quality as their products, and rely on Orion to produce their websites, videos, email campaigns, flyers, brochures, event registration portals and much more.

Citrix brochure design
Citrix TechXperts website development

effective email campaigns for every device

As a company with over 400,000 customers worldwide, regular and effective communication is a must. And for over 20 years, Orion has helped create and manage Citrix’s email marketing across Asia-Pacific, sending hundreds of email campaigns out to staff, customers, partners and executives across the globe. In order to make sure their email campaigns feature pixel perfect designs and are able to be viewed by everyone, Citrix rely on Orion to design, code and vigorously test campaigns to ensure they’re optimised for both desktop monitors and small phone screens without compromising on readability, branding or message clarity.

For Partner communications, Orion helped implement a self-managed system where staff can login and choose from a series of beautiful, on-brand templates to send their own campaigns without having to code a single thing. With multilingual templates for everything from simple product updates to event invitations, Citrix have been able to speed up the turn-around time of their campaigns while giving their staff more flexibility and control over their marketing efforts.

citrix united kicks off the year in style

In order to keep the team united and motivated through 2020, the concept of Citrix United was born. A sales initiative across the entirety of Asia-Pacific, Orion helped Citrix change their employees’ perception of the pandemic to view themselves as one focused, unified team.

To that end, we helped Citrix launch their KickOff event which involved the creation of multiple videos, email communications and printed collateral, all with the underlying theme of a football team fighting together, shoulder to shoulder, to achieve success.

Key to this feeling of unity was the website we created, which allowed all staff members to customise and order their own Citrix United soccer jerseys free of charge. Orion designed, printed and delivered hundreds of jerseys to 10 countries across the world so even in these disconnected times, the Citrix staff could feel united in purpose.

Citrix KicKoff website development
Citrix KickOff web design
Citrix United brochure design

a day in the life

Orion was engaged to produce a three-minute online video that highlighted a typical day in the life of a Citrix user. The video was to showcase a specific suite of Citrix products working across a range of situations and devices.

Prior to the shoot, Orion wrote the script in conjunction with Citrix, then storyboarded the entire project to ensure everyone was on the same page. From there we acquired actors and crew, then scoped and locked down shoot locations. Orion was involved in all aspects of the video production, including directing the shoot and editing the final video.

To give the video a higher production value, the team used a Red Epic camera, professional lighting, dollies and advanced handheld stabilisation equipment.

building an employee portal for printed collateral

As a global business with complex marketing processes, Citrix faced the major challenge of controlling large volumes of material while simultaneously achieving consistency in branding and messaging. To help lock-down their branding and create greater efficiency, Orion built an online portal for Citrix users to order their print collateral without needing to design or download anything.

With a few simple clicks, Citrix staff can now customise and order on-brand business cards and have them delivered straight to their door, with Orion ensuring the design and layout are in synergy to meet their company’s high standards.

The Response

“An outstanding creative agency with a very talented roster of designers and developers. Responsive, consistent and high-quality output are the words that come to mind when thinking about my experience with Orion over the past 5+ years.”

Karo Esmaili, Program Director, APJ
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