Orion has worked with Citrix for over 15 years to manage their ongoing digital marketing, internal communications and direct sales activity. This includes email marketing, online campaigns, event marketing, channel marketing and more. Orion coordinates Citrix’s key digital marketing campaigns for their customers and partners across the globe – all communicated in a multitude of languages.


APAC event marketing

One of Citrix’s key APAC events is the Partner Briefing, which takes place in multiple cities across seven regions worldwide – ANZ, ASEAN, India, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Korea. A full schedule keeps the Citrix and event staff busy traveling around the globe throughout the year to update strategic partners on new products, industry news and broader social and technological trends that influence how people will work now and in the future.

Back in Australia, Orion collaborates with the client to design and coordinate communications while Citrix staff are out in the field.  The Partner Briefing event resulted in Orion creating and executing seven websites, 71 email campaigns and 12 SMS campaigns.

Year in review

This year, Citrix further expanded their efforts into Asia, resulting in the emergence of several new markets and a significant spike in direct marketing activity. As a result, it was Orion’s biggest year on record for the amount of email marketing campaigns we sent in one year. For Citrix alone, Orion developed and executed 885 email campaigns, delivered to 4, 056, 346 recipients across the world, from Australia and New Zealand to China, Taiwan, Korea and beyond.




Video production

Orion was engaged to produce a three minute online video for Citrix, featuring a typical day in the life of a Citrix user. The video was to showcase a specific suite of Citrix products working across a range of situations and devices.

Orion wrote the script in conjunction with Citrix, then storyboarded, acquired talent and crew, scoped and locked down locations, directed and edited the final video. To give the video a higher production value, the team used a Red Epic camera, dollies and handheld stabilisation.

Marketing resource management

As a global business with complex marketing processes, Citrix faced the major challenge of controlling large volumes of output while simultaneously achieving consistency in branding and messaging. To create greater business efficiencies, Orion built a web-to-print marketing resource management system that centralises day-to-day marketing operations.

Citrix staff have on-demand access to branded assets and customisable promotional materials, allowing them to update marketing assets and top up on stock within a single online hub. Email campaigns can be created and scheduled with a few simple clicks, while business cards and corporate stationery can be printed and delivered to their office in a matter of days.


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