Go to your happy place with our Taqua T-5 campaign

it starts with innovative in-tap filtration

Taqua is an innovative Australian-supported product range created and engineered by the Takagi Co. Ltd. – a leading provider of water purification solutions, gardening products and plastic injection and mould manufacturing in Japan. As more Australians seek out the health benefits and convenience of in-tap filtered water, Taqua’s goal is to ensure people can enjoy safe, great-tasting filtered water whenever they want it.

The Brief

Taqua tasked Orion with ideating an engaging, creative campaign for the launch of their new T-5 tap system in the Australian market to build awareness, generate hype and maximise sales of the product. The centrepiece of this project was a two-minute commercial-style video, but also included designing and developing a campaign landing page, updating product brochures, designing and building an email campaign, point-of-sale items and designing digital assets to promote the launch on social media.

brainstorming the creative

Our creative juices were in full flow as we built a campaign to support the launch of Taqua’s new T-5 tap. One concept we pitched – which the client ended up going with – played on the idea that using the product and tasting its pure filtered water is so good that you’re taken to ‘your happy place’ after just a single sip.  

As you’ll see in the video below, this concept builds in a humorous way, perhaps even getting a little ridiculous with the five-star cameo from a cute canine.

Some of the key taglines we thought of to support this idea were “be transported by Taqua’s game-changing new T-5” and “bring a touch of paradise to your kitchen.” The client was more than happy for us to go a little off-centre for this one.

lights, camera, action!

Our film crew location scouted and secured a house in suburban Sydney where we filmed the promotional video for the T-5. Prior to filming, we wrote the script and cast the roles of the mother, her son and the family dog. It took a few hours to get the performance we needed out of the dog, but the pooch finally pulled through with a stellar performance.

While the shoot itself was all done inside of a house, the final product features three different scenes of the mother, her son and the dog being taken to their ‘happy place’ after consuming water from the Taqua tap. These three imaginary worlds were built using a combination of on-site green screen videography, 3D modelling and compositing.  

A landing page with a touch of paradise

We created a special landing page dedicated solely to the new T-5 tap. Featuring beautiful imagery of the T-5 in action, intuitive web design allowing the user to easily navigate the website and compelling copy outlining the tap’s wide array of benefits, the landing page is the perfect asset to showcase Taqua’s new pinnacle of technology.

We also designed, built and sent out an email campaign on behalf of Taqua to their customer list promoting the release of the T-5.


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