The brief

Ontera are a carpet tile designer and manufacturer based in Australia and New Zealand. Their carpet ranges combine style with technology and environmental innovation. Ontera approached Orion to help develop the look and feel for a new carpet range called Harmony Collection, which was inspired by colours and textures found in nature.


Our Solution

Harmony Collection was built around four distinct ranges, each based on a specific colour from nature: blues, greens, neutrals and browns. Orion took this natural inspiration and gave it an almost fantastical twist, showing a carpet swatch from each range embedded in a different natural scene, so at home amongst the trees and stones and ice, as to seem to have grown there over many years and seasons.

We painstakingly composited four ‘hero’ shots from many different images, to use across a range of collateral. Each scene linked to the four ranges in colour and texture.


Orion also produced a product folder, brochure and presentation boards to help sales reps sell the collection. We photographed the product, both as swatches and insitu with matching furniture. And to help Ontera launch the new range, an event registration webpage, promotional poster and video were developed.






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