Email marketing and your lazy customers

People can be lazy, and they are getting lazier, read on to learn how to get them to do something… like buy your products or use your service.

With Gen Y (there I said it) becoming the next consumers, well, lets face it, they already are your current customers. We have to get to them in a way that involves them not having to do much.

Clicking a mouse is pretty easy, and with email notifications, they can even just hit the enter button or flick a finger on their iPhone, so there is even less effort to read about your fantastic offers and other reasons why they should use your product or service.

If you just have a website without promoting it, you’re putting all the work of finding out about your stuff in the hands of your lazy customers.

I could go on, but yeah, couldn’t be bothered… I’m sure that there is something ironic to watch on TV though…

P.S. Send email marketing to your customers to get them to your site!