Google+, Social Media and SEO

Google recently unveiled their new Facebook competitor, Google+ – they are currently in a closed testing phase – though you can get invites if you know the right people (like us for example). It has a number of great features, along with a clean, simplified design (you may have noticed Google and GMail’s design changing recently to match).

Only time will tell if it’s as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but if anyone can do it, it’s Google. In fact, according to a recent study Google+ acheived over 10 million users in a matter of days.

Social media sites seem to be popping up every day, but don’t underestimate the impact these sites can have on your Google rankings. Latest statistics show that social media sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube) can account for up to 20% of your Google rank!

Using social media is a great way to keep your name out there, stay in touch with your clients and keep everyone up to date with promotions, products and industry news – it’s especially helpful if you have a blog. Sending out a Facebook message or Tweet when you post a new blog is an easy way to get your articles out to your audience. People might not check your website every day, but they definitely check their Facebook every day! If they happen to see an interesting article you posted, it’ll likely lead them straight back to your website. They may even re-tweet it so their friends and followers can see it too!

If you aren’t taking advantage of social media, now is the perfect time to start – contact us any time and we can run you through how using social media can give your online presence an incredible boost.

If you’d like more information on Google+, or to sign-up to get an invite when it becomes available to the general public, visit the site here –