Is website content as important as design?

Mother’s are always right, aren’t they? Growing up, my mum frequently used to tell me: “It’s not what you say. It’s how you say it.” When we start the process of building or redesigning a site at Orion, our holistic view is based on a belief in the importance of that proven adage.

When it comes to websites, what you say – in this case being the design of your site, and how you say it – the copy/content and functionality, play equal parts in the success, or otherwise, of your website.

And, whether we’re involved in website design for a multinational company or a local business, we continue that approach throughout the graphic design, copywriting and build of your website.

But why give design and content the same billing?

Because first and foremost, we believe that your website should be your hardest working employee. Why not? As your website is an investment of both your time and money, it should work hard for your business, in the same way any of your employees do.

So, imagine if you will, that your website is a person. What characteristics would they need, in order to represent your business brand, and to generate new custom?

Firstly, they’d look the part, right? The appropriate age and gender to appeal to your key demographic. They’d also be suitably dressed – perhaps a business suit, overalls or maybe smart casual wardrobe, to demonstrate your business style and function.

Secondly, they’d be experts in each aspect of your services, and be able to clearly and concisely tell any new or existing customers or clients everything they needed to know in order to use your business.

Finally, the ideal employee would, of course, willingly help you with everything from front of house, through to sales, and love staying back late to help with admin. And they’d do all this for one reasonable fee, which you’d pay them upfront.

Getting a bit carried away here, aren’t we. Or are we? It’s so easy to see the traits your business needs when you think in human terms – so why not apply them to your website?

If the employee looks good, dresses appropriately, and helps you with administrative duties, they could still be a reasonable employee, yes? But without detailed expertise on everything from your services, to helpful hints on finding parking at your office, they simply won’t be as effective in generating new and repeat business, will they?

It’s exactly the same for your website. With carefully planned and executed graphic design, photography and illustration, we can create you a functional, attractive site. But, for your site to really work hard for your business, effective, search optimised copywriting is essential.

OK, I’m starting to see the point of copywriting. What next?

We recommend working with our in house copywriter. If you’re inspired to update the copywriting for your business, it’s simple. Just give us a call on (02) 8850 2215.