Why should Santa use Email Direct Marketing?

Good question, I am glad I asked it.

With the kids these days streaming their hip hop rap music, dancing at their all night disco clubs and finding out about these all online, it is hard for someone like Santa, in his workshop, surrounded by elves, carving away at the little wooden toys to keep up with the speedy demand from his clients (or hip hop listening disco dancing children).

So… how can he understand his client? How can he interact with his client fast and effectively? Email marketing of course. Well, he could also sit in a shopping centre and have one child at a time sit on his lap, but that would take all month, and he’d have to employ a bunch of drunk guys to pretend to be him, that would be a costly project, not to mention an administrative nightmare.

So I put together a quick list on how Santa could benefit from email marketing:

  1. He has a list and checks it twice – With our system, he wouldn’t need to check it twice because we do all that work for him, it’s fool proof. If an email address is incorrect, we can fix it, or ignore it, no need to worry about sending it out to a list of people that might not be there, also, if his clients no longer want to receive his email, they can unsubscribe in a single click.
  2. He’s going to find out who’s naughty or nice – Well, with custom fields, he can add a field that stipulates how nice someone is, and then only send the email on newest toy offers to the nice ones.
  3. He sees you when you’re sleeping? He knows when you’re awake – So do we! Did you know, that with the “World View” option in the administration area of the email marketing manager, he can see in “real time” as recipients open emails and click links all over the world. He can also see which of his products are most popular and who is interested in what… after a couple of emails, he will know more about his client than they do.
  4. Santa Claus is coming to town – News to me. But, if he emailed me to let me know when he was planning on coming to town, I could put out some milk and cookies and put out the fire.

Did you know that email marketing isn’t just for Santa, you could benefit from it too. You could promote products or services, entertain and become more personable with your clients, know your clients needs and hopefully attract more work.

Don’t forget that Christmas is only 9 or so weeks away, if you want clients to know about what you’re doing and what you can offer for Christmas now would be the time to start planning it.