It seemed like it only was a week ago when I started this job but time sure has flown! It’s already been six weeks! So as a newbie girl here, this is my first contribution to the Orion Creative blog.

Super nerds, or should I say super intelligent, was the first thing that popped into mind when I started my job here. When it comes to graphic and web designers, I could tell the Orion team knew their stuff. I’ve always wanted to learn how to create awesome looking sites, but to think it’s as easy as buying a computer and a pair of black-rimmed glasses to create a website, I had to think again.

Being a graphic designer was not enough, creating websites requires a lot of hard work, a lot of skill and a lot of time… that’s why I’ve decided to join this wonderful team of nerds – a team who I will be learning from and working with.

Learning web design is going to be a challenge, but I also know that his will be a perfect opportunity for me. And with all this said I’ve already learnt a great deal and can’t wait to see what is in stall for me later on. I thank Sam though, for enduring all the times I rolled over my squeaky chair to her table and asked a million (and counting) questions on how to do this and that. Did I mention I’ve been pretty fortunate to be only the third girl ever hired in this company; I don’t think I could have survived being the only girl here with the 4 boys.

Anyway my new chapter in life starts here… and until then ciao.

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