Why your website isn’t about you

I know. It sounds nonsensical. But bear with me. Your hardest working employee, also known as your website, really isn’t about you.

Ok, what is it about then?

It’s about your clients.

The information you present on your site, and the way in which you present it, need to exist for only one reason: to entice those reading your site to form and maintain a strong and trusting relationship with your business. This is as true for short term, single transaction clients as it is for those who will go on to provide you with repeat business over a period of many years.

So, why is well worded content important to potential clients?

This might be the very first time they’ve visited your site. The first contact they have with your business.

There’s a myriad of reasons why they might be there – most likely being a recommendation, search engine suggestion or local knowledge. Because they may therefore all have different expectations and requirements of the site, you need to make sure you appeal to each disparate group immediately, with carefully worded content, set in a user friendly design context.

The information you present must follow a clear flow so that the potential client doesn’t lose interest, or site of what they first wanted. Because they may be simply using the site as a means of generating contact with you directly, every page must give your potential client the chance to contact your business.

OK. That makes sense. But what about clients who have already used us?

These clients may have used your service or bought something from you once or twice. Your site must present information to extend and build upon the tentative relationship your business has already formed. This is a key market – your biggest opportunity to build your business. They already know and are starting to trust your brand. The key now is to present these clients with enough new or interesting information that they will return to your business, and continue the process of building a longer term relationship.

Right, I get it. What about repeat clients? They already like us.

For those clients with long-term relationships with your business, the site needs to represent a familiar face, in the very same way the receptionist or key floor staff does. Content needs to be precise, not present them with any unpleasant surprises, and sit in the design in a way that allows them to interact exactly as they wish to – for example, place an online order – as quickly and easily as possible.

I like it. It sounds great. But I just don’t have the time to do it.

When you come to us at Orion, whether its for a new site, or a refresh of your current site, it’s likely you have an idea of how you might like them to look, even of some of the colours you may wish to use; but you may be concerned that you simply don’t have the time or expertise to design and produce them yourself.

In the same way, it’s likely you already have a good idea of the content you want to include. We can work with you to revise and refresh this, or we can create written content for you from scratch, working with you to take your business expertise from your mind to your webpage.

In either case, carefully worded content can help to ensure your site will:

• Ensure every visitor can find what they need, quickly and simply
• Be optimised for search engines
• Present all site visitors with clear information on your business
• Direct every site visitor to the easiest way to contact you

Ultimately, your website is, of course, all about your business. But it needs to feel to your clients that it’s all about their needs. Give us a call on (02) 8850 2215, or drop us an email to find out how easy it is to achieve this with our copywriting service.