Space Invaders competition winner announced

Space Invaders competition winner Alan Ling (left) receives a $500 cheque from Orion Creative’s Managing Director, Mark Rowe. 

With a mind boggling score of 111420, Alan Ling more than doubled the score of the second highest placegetter – his daughter, Meaghan.

Third place goes to Peter Simmonds, with a number of others following closely behind on the leaderboard.

Mr Ling’s score was so incredibly high in fact that we needed to see it for ourself. We invited Alan into the office to demonstrate his prowess. He kindly accepted the challenge and joined us this morning to show us his winning style.

Before he fired up the keyboard, Alan gave us some insight into his strategy.

“To be successful at this game you need to think vertically not horizontally,” said Mr Ling. “Most people approach the game horizontally, and this limits their performance.”

Mr Ling admits to having honed his technique in his university days; using time in which he “probably should have been studying”.

Managing Director of Orion Creative, Mark Rowe, presented Mr Ling with a cheque this morning for $500 for his efforts. Mr Ling insisted the cheque be made out to his daughter Meaghan, due to the effort she’d put in to the game.

The competition has finished, but you can still play the game, or like us on Facebook to get the heads-up on our next initiative.

And God forbid, if the Earth is ever invaded by aliens bent on destruction, let’s hope Alan Ling is on hand to defend the planet.