Onekonekt demonstration videos

Hager launched its new Onekonekt range of residential MPDs (or modular protection devices) with some help from the creatives at Orion.

The strengths of this new wiring technology lies in the safety of the product plus ease of installation; points we illustrated when designing the product brochure and the production of two short videos.
The demonstration video shows a comparison between traditional installation of residential wiring (a ten minute process) and installation using Hager’s Onekonekt method (a mere one minute!).

Filming for the demo took 5 hours – so we really put Scott the electrician through his paces! He was pretty to go absolutely flat chat to install the thing, but we suggested he act naturally and not rush.

The second video we produced for the Onmodular protection device is a photorealistic render with voiceover.

Kinda makes you want to rush out and buy one, hey?