Business email on the go

Want your business emails, calendar and contacts synchronised across all your devices? Our new cloud-hosted Exchange mailboxes are perfect for clients who rely on email-on-the-go and need a roomy space allowance. Available now!

We’re introducing a powerful email Exchange service

It’s incredibly easy to get started. Hosted on a cloud, Exchange email offers email synchronisation and streamlined management across all your devices – including your laptop, mobile phone and tablet.

A huge 25 gigabyte allowance makes storage problems a thing of the past and makes archiving and record keeping achievable. It’s like Gmail for business, but has the benefit of directly integrating your contacts, tasks, calendar and events with Outlook and your Microsoft Office suite.

Or for an extra $5 per month we can provide a license for use of Microsoft Outlook to manage your emails. Even if you’re not using Outlook yet, you’ll probably be aware that it’s a great organisation tool for your online communications. By purchasing a user license you’ll get full use of Outlook while avoiding an upfront software purchase payment.

All right, here’s the plan

Exchange Mailboxes

Premium Mailbox

Premium Mailbox + Outlook

Disk Space
Outlook Web Access
PC Access (Mac/Windows)
Mobile Device Access
ActiveSync for iPhone, Android, etc

Outlook Desktop Software

Outlook 2010 (Windows 64-bit)
Outlook 2010 (Windows 32-bit)
Outlook 2010 (Mac OS X)

An initial set-up fee of $50 is required. After that, set up is quick and easy; a few simple steps and you’re fully underway.

Most reassuringly of all, the service is fully covered by a 24 hour, seven-days-a-week phone support service. Help is on hand for any problems or concerns you ever have with your business email.

Want to get started?

If you’re interested to get set up or find out more, give us a call at Orion Creative on (02) 8850 2215 or send a carrier pigeon to .