What is kinetic typography?

Kinetic typography literally means ‘moving type’; and refers to the dynamic presentation of words, characters and images in a video.

We’ve seen different approaches to the time-based movement of words since opening titles and captioning in the early days of film. But sorry, if you’ve ever been told that highly trained fleas are used its making, then I’m afraid that person is having you on.

Most recently, kinetic typography (also known as kinetic text) has made an impact as a demonstration or educational tool. Businesses have found that kinetic typography videos  create an engaged audience, so are a great way to communicate a key message about a product or service.

The handy thing about kinetic typography is that it’s versatile. Embedded in a website’s home page, played as a presentation at a trade show or event, emailed, uploaded to Youtube or other social media channels, it’s equally effective at holding attention and communicating clearly.

Let’s see some kinetic typography in action…

Shaun’s just put the finishing touches to this kinetic video for clients Ontera Modular Carpets. This video explains to interior designers and other potential clients the benefits of and steps involved in  ‘Design Freedom’: the custom arm of Ontera’s flooring design and manufacture.

If you’d like to see how this video formed part of the entire campaign you might like to view the Ontera Design Freedom Case Study.

Another example of kinetic text we’ve done is this piece for Girl Guides Australia. A kinetic typography video – largely disseminated via social media – was a way the Guides could educate and encourage women aged between 18 and 30 to get involved with the Olave program.

Kinetic text videos are, by their nature, captivating and often surprising. It’s no wonder they also continue to be created purely for entertainment.

Seen an example lately you really like?