Improve your SEO ranking

A lot of factors contribute to SEO success.  While it can be overwhelming to try to address all aspects, the upside is there is plenty you can do to improve your SEO ranking.

This infographic is a useful reminder of the on and off-page factors that get search engines excited. Plus, it’s well organised and shows how individual factors combine to contribute to successful SEO.

The clever people at Search Engine Land have prepared this table which shows the elements search engines consider when evaluating the relevance of a web page to a particular search term. It also gives each element a weighting to indicate the relative importance of each component.

Elements to improve your SEO ranking

We can see that well planned, cleanly built websites are an essential starting point for any website to rank well in Search, along with relevant, quality content. Quick fixes generally impact only individual factors and won’t be favourable solutions for long-term ranking.

In particular, beware the red tiles – or any SEO company which suggests that your solution lies in these tactics. Google can quickly penalise a website if it discovers so-called ‘black hat’ techniques are in use, and it can be a long, painful crawl back into the search engine giant’s good books.

Evolution of ranking algorithms

Unlike the original Periodic Table of Elements, this diagram will need updating to remain accurate, as new factors will increase in importance and others decrease over time. And as the algorithms used by Google and other search engines are kept under wraps to avoid exploitation, it can be a case of scientific research, as well as trial and error, to figure out what these changes are.

If you’d like some more explanation on how these factors contribute to SEO, or if you’ve noticed changes in your SEO ranking lately, get in touch – we’re happy to help.