Increasing awareness of after-hours healthcare services

Creating collateral to improve awareness of alternatives to the Emergency Department

WentWest has been a part of the western Sydney community for more than 15 years. With a mission to achieve system reform and enhancement to western Sydney’s health care system, WentWest is focused on addressing both regional and national health challenges. WentWest seeks to identify gaps and commission solutions for better health outcomes by delivering support and education to primary care.

The brief

As part of WentWest’s mission to address gaps in western Sydney’s healthcare system, hospital wait times was seen as a priority. Orion was engaged to create a series of marketing collateral that would inform the broader western Sydney community about available after-hours healthcare services, and in turn reduce attendances to hospital emergency departments.

The solution

Orion created a suite of assets – including a DL flyer, poster, magnet and social media banners – to cover both print and digital elements. This collateral would highlight a four-point checklist that addresses the uncertainties faced when considering attending a hospital, with clear outcomes for each stage. The checklist was the key component to each marketing piece, along with information about resources as an alternative to hospital emergency rooms.

In order to comprehensively improve awareness of these services, Orion were asked to create an additional version of the DL flyer that would appeal to western Sydney’s aboriginal and Torres Straight Island community.

Employing WentWest’s brand guidelines, Orion’s designers used bright, complementary colours to achieve a bold and appealing look. From first-time parents to the older generation and embracing western Sydney divergent cultural community, Orion’s designers had their hands full producing a design that was clear, concise and informative.

Went West After Hours Campaign

The response

The result was a series of eye-catching imagery that addressed each component of the campaign effectively. Distributed throughout medical centres and community hubs around western Sydney, the awareness of hospital alternatives in western Sydney is looking much healthier!

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