Ingham Institute implement comprehensive brand guidelines

Protecting the integrity of a world-class institute and brand

Based in South West Sydney, the Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research conducts world-class, community-driven medical research. Not only are they determined to learn more about the causes of disease, they also strive to find better ways to develop healthy urban communities. Reliant upon the support of generous corporate partners, the Ingham Institute have strong collaborations with universities, hospitals and health care centres across Sydney, and this directly translates into treatments and care benefiting patients and their families.

The brief

A business’ brand is an incredibly valuable asset. Using brand guidelines to dictate the use of different elements of a brand not only ensures consistency, but protects the integrity of the brand.

With Ingham Institute’s continued relationship development with corporate partners, researchers, health care providers and their community, they released a request-for-tender for an agency to help them develop and implement a thorough set of brand guidelines as well as stationery templates. Orion Creative were delighted to have been chosen for the project.

The solution

Having had the pleasure of working with the Ingham Institute on several projects in the past, Orion already had a fairly strong understanding of the institute’s personality and brand. After detailed discussion exchanging ideas and defining further key elements – values, vision, proof points – the Orion team were informed and well prepared to develop the brand guidelines.

Orion’s designers put together several concepts for the Ingham Institute’s consideration. Once a look and feel was approved, Orion’s in-house copywriters got to work on each component of the guidelines, meticulously constructing each module of the guidelines in a clear manner that would be easily interpreted, regardless of the audience.

From writing an introduction on the organisation, their history and vision, through to logo, colour elements, typeface as well as covering misuse, Orion’s copywriters collaborated with contacts at the Ingham Institute to ensure messaging was spot-on and consistent with their brand. Drilling down on the details was necessary to ensure there would be no misinterpretation.

After the brand guidelines were finalised and approved, Orion’s design team got to work creating a series of stationery templates for use across the organisation. From business cards, report templates and letterheads through to fact-sheets and brochures, Orion’s team utilised the well-defined brand guidelines to ensure consistency with logos, colours, typeface and tone-of-voice – across all outputs.

The response

With an exceptional reputation in the medical research field, it’s vital the Ingham Institute represent themselves with equally impressive branding. The team at the Ingham Institute are thrilled with the quality and attention to detail of the completed brand guidelines and subsequent stationery and branded material. They’ll be valued and used as a centralised reference point, now and well into the future.

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