Automated Active Kids Voucher Processing for Sporting Clubs

Speed up registration and save time on admin with our purpose-built API

In 2018, the NSW Government introduced the hugely popular Active Kids program. For each school-enrolled child, families are able to claim up to 2 x $100 vouchers to use towards sport and active recreation costs each year.

Designed to improve activity levels and healthy habits in children from a young age, it’s a great initiative that’s been well received across NSW.

Over the last ten years, the Rouse Hill Rams have grown to become a hugely successful, local sporting club. Keen to remain as functional and efficient as possible, the Rams have integrated our Active Kids API to their Touch Football online registration page.

From an approved Active Kids provider stand-point, there are extra administration steps to complete in order to claim full registration fees.

Orion is accredited by Service NSW as an Active Kids service provider

In order to reduce registration administration time, Orion have developed an API tool that automates the processing of Active Kids vouchers – at the time of online player registration – effectively removing the extra step of administration.

Whether you’ve got an existing online registration system, or you’re considering setting up a complete online rego system from scratch, the developers at Orion are standing by with the perfect combo of technical expertise and relevant experience. We can implement a simplified technology that automatically processes Active Kids vouchers and frees up your valuable time.*

Please note: due to current Service NSW restrictions, only sporting entities with 1,000+ U18 members, who are registered for use of the Service NSW Active Kids voucher redemption scheme can use our API tool.

Integrating our Active Kids API with an exiting online registration site

If you handle registrations for your sports club and are currently fuddling through manual Active Kids voucher processing, fear not – our API can be integrated into existing registration websites!*

As an accredited Service NSW Active Kids service provider, we’ve helped several sporting clubs integrate the Active Kids portal into their existing website, including the Rouse Hill Rams Touch Football Club. After struggling with manual voucher processing since the program began, the Rams decided to digitise their system, and it wasn’t long before they were reaping the benefits. Orion’s developers integrated the Active Kids portal into existing code using our purpose-built API. Testing was completed and the Rams were up and running!

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In this digital age, more and more sporting clubs are moving away from outdated manual processes and over to online registration systems. Time poor consumers appreciate the convenience and sporting clubs are rewarded with more time to make valuable contributions to their club.

Talk to our team about setting your club up with a comprehensive online registration system. Going digital will reduce your admin time with streamlined systems to process registration details, Active Kids vouchers, payments and other pertinent information like uniform sizes.


Hills Football are a large association, with 21 member clubs across the Hills District running competitions for juniors through to seniors. Keen for a rego system upgrade for their summer comp, Hills Football enlisted the help of Orion to build a new system that incorporated both the Active Kids API and the Stripe API to process both Active Kids vouchers and credit card transactions.

Going that extra step, our developers included functionality for players to create and manage their own teams within the site. Team Managers could login and select a uniform design for their team, with these choices going directly to the uniform manufacturer.

Thanks to their new registration system, Hills Football processed more than 2,500 registrations for their 2019 summer competition, with a huge 1,185 of those regos using Active Kids vouchers. It was an incredible result for Hills Football.

The Power of APIs

APIs have been around for a while now. We often hear about how valuable they are, but what exactly is an API?

Well, API stands for Application Programming Interface. It’s basically a piece of software – an interface – that connects two applications, allowing them to communicate with each other.

Some common examples are Google Maps or YouTube APIs. These APIs can be built into other websites to enhance their visitors’ experience. Visitors can locate them on Google Maps or watch YouTube videos without having to leave their site.

Like the Google Maps or YouTube APIs, our Active Kids API can be integrated into any sporting club website as a seamless communicator between your registration page and the Active Kids portal.

APIs can be tricky to integrate, and have the potential to be glitchy if not introduced correctly. But with Orion’s impressive web developers on the job, you’re in great hands!


As well as integrating existing APIs, our brilliant developers can also create APIs from scratch to suit your business. As long as it’s PHP based (a widely-used open source scripting language), our developers can make it!

There are literally thousands of different APIs out there, but these are some of our favourites:

  • The Google Calendar API helps to manage online bookings
  • The Yelp Fusion API retrieves business reviews and ratings
  • The Twilio API facilitates phone communication (SMS, MMS and WhatsApp)
  • The MailChimp API enables email marketing.

Of course, there are many many more. There’s absolutely no doubt APIs are a powerful tool and one that can help to intelligently enhance operations for pretty much any business.

If you’re ready to talk about our Active Kids API or another API solution for your business, we’d love to have a chat.

Get in touch today to speak with one of our experts about how we can help you utilise the Active Kids API for your sports club registrations.