The Major Changes Coming to Google That’ll Affect Your Website’s Search Ranking

If you’ve been thinking about updating your website but have just never found the time, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for to finally do something about it.

Google recently announced that in May of this year they will be introducing a new ranking algorithm that takes a website’s user experience (UX) into account when deciding where that website ranks in its search results.

In what will be one of the most significant changes to the search engine in recent times, Google will begin prioritising visually stable websites with quick load times, among a raft of other factors, by awarding them with higher rankings in organic search results.

Unfortunately, this update has the potential to cause older websites to drop down the search rankings if they aren’t optimised to Google’s expected standards.

Although this will be frustrating to some, it shouldn’t be unexpected – as technology continues to evolve, the criteria for what a website needs to achieve seems to change each and every year.

For starters, in the last 10 years the type of device the majority of people use to visit your website has shifted significantly. In February 2011, almost everyone (95.55 per cent) was using the internet on their desktop with only a small percentage (4.45 per cent) browsing on their mobile.

Today, those figures have completely changed, with mobile (54.46 per cent) overtaking desktop (42.63 percent) as the device most people use to browse the web. So, if your website isn’t yet properly optimised for use on mobile, this is something you desperately need to fix before Google’s new update comes into effect.


And just like how we look at photos of ourselves (and cringe a little) and know they’re old because of the clothes we’re wearing and how we look, the same applies with your website’s design – customers can easily tell if it looks old-fashioned.

Styles have changed and there’s a new level of design required to be seen as competent and relevant. If the first impression potential customers are getting after visiting your website is “outdated,” the horse has already bolted and you’ve likely lost them forever.

Then comes the issue of website content. In today’s age, content is king – there’s no two ways about it. Not only does great content engage your customers and keep your brand relevant, it also keeps Google happy and improves your site’s ranking, which can have a very positive impact on your business.

Ask yourself the following questions: is the content on your website still relevant to your services? Are you posting regular updates on your website to inform your customers of news relating to your business? Have you posted anything new on your website since it was built?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these, your website would definitely benefit from a content update. But while content, design and website optimisation are all big factors in the success of your site, the reality is many businesses don’t have the time nor the manpower to stay on top of it all. This is where we can help.

Whether you’re looking for a new website design, some fresh content to go on it or you just want to make sure your website’s performing technically so it doesn’t slide down the Google rankings, Orion has a diverse team of expert designers, web developers and copywriters ready to assist you at a moment’s notice.

We also offer a 12-month website Protection Plan that ensures the highest levels of security are regularly maintained and that your data is safe. The plan includes security monitoring, monthly off-site backup and restoration, as well as all required updates to your core, plugins, modules and themes.

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