A campaign of ‘crate’ heights for Danfoss

Helping Berendsen spread the word about their Danfoss range

how Berendsen’s acquisition of danfoss stacks up

Formed in 1993, Berendsen Fluid Power is Australia’s largest locally-owned hydraulics company that services the mining, oil & gas and construction industries. Following almost thirty years of growth, Berendsen continues to expand, and they recently incorporated Pacific Hydraulics which brought a range of products called Danfoss into their offering.

The Brief

Berendsen’s marketing consultant came to Orion with the idea for an informative announcement campaign, to spread the news of Berendsen’s recent acquisition of Danfoss. The goal of this campaign was to inform Danfoss customers of the change, how the acquisition may affect the existing Danfoss product range and to reassure them that the customer experience would not decline – in fact, it would improve. The campaign would be built around the idea of a red crate being inserted into a wall of Berendsen-blue crates.

an animated announcement

After a discussion with the consultant, a promotional video was deemed the best way to make the announcement of Berendsen’s acquisition of Danfoss and to reassure customers that their high-quality products and services would remain at the highest quality.

Berendsen’s consultant came up with a top-level concept to express this line of messaging, but needed the help of our experienced animators to bring the idea to life in the form of a 3D rendered video.

The concept to express the acquisition was to show a factory worker driving a forklift and picking up a container coloured with the well-known Danfoss red and featuring the company logo. The forklift driver would then insert the container into a larger pile, where the camera would pan out to reveal the pile of containers are actually made up of different colours and stacked strategically to form the Berendsen logo.

making the big red boxes real

Direct mail was another major part of the announcement campaign where we designed and produced red boxes – referencing the ones in the 3D video – for Danfoss to hand out to their customers to make them aware of the acquisition.

The boxes feature both the Berendsen and Danfoss logos, as well as messaging on the side letting the recipient know that they are “in good hands with Berendsen.” The boxes contain 100 pairs of free disposable workshop gloves and a flyer with more information regarding the acquisition.

informative In-store marketing collateral

In addition to the red boxes, we also created collateral for Berendsen to use in-branch to further market the campaign. The collateral included designing and printing pull-up banners, as well as providing them with a number of the red boxes for them to stack in areas of the business where customers would regularly frequent. We also assisted in laying out and printing capabilities brochures to provide more information.

a suite of ads to get the word out

Finally we designed a suite of banners, for use on the Berendsen website, email signatures, their social media channels as well as Google display banners, which would be used in retargeting campaigns that Orion set up and managed.


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