A complete re-brand for Trans-Ax Health Care

In need of a whole new look, a leading medical centre sought help from Orion

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Since 2012, Trans-Ax Health Care has been building and operating medical centres across Australia. Due to their successful business model, the group was expanding and needed to attract more doctors to work at the new medical centres they were establishing. To help achieve this, Trans-Ax reached out to Orion Creative for help with a complete rebrand. During this project, the Orion team had the opportunity to utilise graphic design, web development, copywriting, video production and photography to effectively revitalise the Trans-Ax brand.

The Brief

Trans-Ax wanted a fresh new look to help attract more doctors and patients to their growing number of medical centres across Australia. In order to achieve this, they requested a bold new logo, an innovative new website with cutting-edge design and animation, photoshoots of their staff and medical facilities and the creation of a consistent brand approach for their marketing collateral.

Refreshing the brand

Trans-Ax wanted a fresh, new look for their brand, so our talented graphic designers first got to work on creating options for a new logo. Included in these concepts were brand new design options, along with a modernised take on the existing logo. Trans-Ax felt this modernised concept effectively updated their brand while also honouring their legacy and still being recognisably Trans-Ax. They were thrilled with the evolved version of their logo and its suitability for their brand.

Alternative logo concepts

Designing and building a new website

Orion’s designers and web developers created a new website to replace Trans-Ax’s outdated site. Our developers used cutting-edge web design and animation to create a user-friendly experience across all devices. Our developers made the website easy-to-use behind the scenes as well, so that the client has the ability to edit and build their own pages effortlessly for any additional content that might be needed in the future.

Photoshoots across Sydney and Canberra

Trans-Ax also needed visuals for their new website, and so Orion carried out multiple photoshoots. The first involved taking photos of Trans-Ax’s four medical centres, so that prospective doctors could get a sense of the modern facilities where they would be working. These were shot on location across Sydney and Canberra. You might even notice a few familiar faces as background extras!

Orion later conducted a team photoshoot at Trans-Ax’s Wooloomooloo office to create a series of professional portraits of the executive team for use on the website and on LinkedIn.

Trans-Ax Health Care staff photography
Trans-Ax Health Care on-location photography
Trans-Ax Health Care on-location photography

Creating a consistent brand approach

The Orion team helped Trans-Ax establish brand guidelines and a tone of voice document to ensure that their updated branding maintained a consistent look and voice going forward.

Utilising the styles developed for these documents, our design team created a series of marketing collateral pieces for Trans-Ax. This included stationery, business cards, letterheads, annual reports and email signatures. We also created a business card builder, where staff can login to build their own business cards and have them delivered to any of their centres, making it quick and easy to get high-quality, on-brand cards created and delivered within a matter of days.

The Orion team also shot and edited a video of Trans-Ax’s Director explaining the company’s culture for use on the website.

Our whole team was involved in this project and it was incredibly rewarding to see Trans-Ax’s vision brought to life. Orion Creative was able to deliver a comprehensive re-brand that covered all of the company’s design needs, giving them the tools to attract and recruit doctors to their growing business.

The Response

“We are incredibly happy with the work Orion Creative has produced, all of which exceeded our expectations. We now have a brand and a website that we are excited and proud to use – we are always getting compliments on our new look.”

Peter Szekely, Director
Trans-ax health care
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