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Cisco is a US based multinational technology corporation. Their annual education and training conference, Cisco Live, travels the world offering seminars and networking events for IT enthusiasts. The event is grand in scale and in opportunity.

Orion’s objective? To effectively market and creatively resource the Cisco Live Melbourne event.

Orion has been involved in marketing Cisco Live since 2011, in partnership with both PDK Events and Veritas Events. As the event has grown – from 1,200 attendees back in 2008 to 8,400 attendees in 2019 – our role over the years has increased too. We now handle the vast majority of marketing, signage and delegate resources for the event.

Orion’s scope of work now covers promotion, digital and print signage, display banners, logos, sponsorship booklet, speaker presentations, animated media displays, delegate collateral and the 3D digital floor plan.

The Brief

Orion first started handling the marketing for Cisco Live in 2011, and since then the number of people attending the event has increased by 700%. After seeing first hand the amazing results we achieved for their event, Cisco has relied on Orion to handle the creative aspects of Cisco Live every year since.

Breaking digital design barriers

Digital design is constantly evolving, and we love to push the limits. It seems only fitting that a high-tech organisation such as Cisco should have cutting-edge marketing. Orion’s digital designers created a variety of interactive and animated components for the event.

An interactive venue map was designed in 3D with each of the 3 levels rendered out. The map was designed for use with a touch-screen kiosk so attendees could find their way.

Several animated components were produced to pump a little extra life into welcome banners, directional signage and decorative digital walls. What would otherwise be primarily functional design, the animation added flair!

A large digital ‘meet the experts’ wall to introduce the 166 speakers had 9 separate screens – but was designed so they all integrated seamlessly.

A total of 19 informational feature videos were produced. These videos were played throughout the venue and featured information like event sponsors and speakers, through to daily ‘What’s On’ schedules and event times.

Each element complied beautifully with the brand guidelines.

Cisco Live event 3D map
Cisco Live event video production
Cisco Live event stand design

Oodles of event collateral

A huge event like Cisco Live requires a huge amount of branded collateral. With 8,400+ attendees, there are 8,400+ people who need to know where to go and how to get there!

Each year our design team pours hours and hours of work into creating more than 320 pieces of individual signage. From pillar and stair wraps, hanging banners and flags, to program specific lecterns, standing boards and door cards – venue signage is well and truly covered.

Each of the numerous smaller Cisco Live programs runs its own schedule and catering. Each program requires their own reserved signs, menus, directional lollipop signs, standing room boards, certificates and PowerPoint designs.

We plan for the additional ad-hoc requirements that come through too, like ‘thank you’ cards and supplementary informational and directional signs. Anything that needs design, we make it!

Marketing across all channels

In any given year, Orion will write, design and code 100+ different, personalised email campaigns. These are sent to a targeted list of IT professionals, selected by job title across the APAC region. Combined with social media marketing – Orion creates the imagery for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn posts – these efforts drive registrations, delivering impressive results.

In addition to email campaigns, Orion creates several digital elements. Email signature banners are designed for use by Cisco employees, website banners and logo lockups are created for each of the additional Cisco Live programs. We also design the guest lanyard name badges for use at the event.

Orion help with the event website, which is updated annually too. It’s a crucial source of information that not only informs prospects and registrants of Cisco Live sessions, hotel and travel information, but also captures registrations and is compatible across mobile devices too.

These marketing efforts have proven hugely successful – and Cisco Live Melbourne continues to break their own attendance records, year-on-year.

From good to great

To deliver Cisco a complete customer journey for every event, Orion creates dynamic, integrated marketing components that not only attract attention, but convert interest into participation.

Working as an active partner with event companies, Orion has proven their ability to deliver outstanding creative solutions with fast turnarounds and error-free quality – every time. Each year the quantity of work increases and the Orion team continue to manage and execute each element beyond expectation and without a hitch. The team at Orion love major projects like Cisco Live and are always up to the challenge!

The Response

“Thank you a million times over for all of the hard work and support you provided both myself and the team for this giant event. You’ve been the dream team for me.”

Lucy Toulmin, Event Manager
PDK Events
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