Cisco Live is Cisco’s education and training conference. Each year, the conference travels to destinations around the world including Las Vegas, Cancun, Berlin, and Melbourne. At the event, seminars and networking events are organised into various learning tracks to suit the interests of different delegates.

Orion has been marketing the event in partnership with both PDK Events and Veritas Events since 2011. Our role in that first year was quite minor, where we produced only a few email campaigns and display banners. Since then, our involvement in the event has grown every year. In 2017, we will handle the vast majority of marketing, signage and delegate resources for the event.

Cisco Live website - responsive design for all mobile devices

Bigger than big

The Melbourne conference is expected to attract nearly 6,000 individual visitors over its four days. To drive registration, Orion will design and code upwards of 70 different email campaigns to be sent to IT professionals across the region.

Orion has built a new event website to capture registrations and provide information on the event. This includes registration forms, hotel and travel information, times and subjects of conference sessions, speaker profiles and much more. Cisco staff can instantly update the website themselves using the Content Management System (CMS). This is helpful for last minute agenda updates and session changes.


Cisco Live - event statistics


Adding the real sparkle

While some of the conference branding is kept consistent across the world, individual events are encouraged to add some local sparkle to their conference. That’s where Orion come in, filling in all the gaps to deliver Cisco a complete campaign and customer journey – from invitation to attendance to conversion.

For the 2017 conference, email marketing campaign and event website, Orion handled:

• Logo lockups for the Add-On Programs  • Sponsorship prospectus booklet  • Promotional display banners  • Speaker presentations  • Digital media signage  • Animated media displays  • Clear conference floor plan

Cisco Live festival logos

Cisco Live brochures

From good to great

There is an enormous amount of work involved in bringing together an event the size of Cisco Live and Orion is glad to play its part. We work hard to make life as easy as possible for conference organisers by holding up our end with fast turnarounds, error-checked submissions, creative solutions and our famous “nothing’s a problem” attitude.

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