Every Second Counts with Berendsen

A full service marketing campaign to boost Australia's leading hydraulics company

an epic campaign for a niche market

Berendsen Fluid Power is a leading hydraulics company servicing the mining, oil & gas, and construction industries. Formed in 1993 through the acquisition of a number of Australia’s major hydraulic service providers, Berendsen is Australia’s largest locally-owned hydraulic company, operating ten hydraulic sales and service branches around the country. The company’s primary focus is their on-and-off-site cylinder exchange service that is tailor-made for the mining industry.

The Brief

Having even a single piece of machinery out of action while working in the mines can be detrimental. To highlight the importance of time when things go wrong, Berendsen’s marketing consultant, along with their internal marketing team, came to Orion to execute their ‘Every Second Counts’ campaign and turn their idea into reality.

With the goal of generating leads and increasing awareness of their brand and products, Berendsen tasked us with producing an engaging brand video, creating a dedicated campaign landing page for lead generation, and managing brand awareness and traffic-building campaigns on Google and LinkedIn.

We also designed and printed point of sale items to compliment the digital side of the campaign, including pull up banners, logo matts, decals for the giveaways and a large campaign photo frame where people could take photos of themselves within the frame and post them on social media.

Filming and producing the campaign video

Our video team travelled to Berendsen’s Newcastle and Wetherill Park branches to shoot footage of cylinders being disassembled and cleaned to accompany other stock videos and 3D renders in making up the final product,

The stock videos we selected to feature in the video were of large trucks working at a mine, and we used chevrons to highlight and create a link between that footage and Berendsen’s general operations. The chevrons were created as a 3D render and displayed as large, flashing neon lights.

This involved large amounts of motion tracking to ensure the chevrons looked like they were actually in the scene, as well as masking out moving machinery to make the chevrons appear behind some machines and in front of others.

During our on-site shoots, we filmed one of Berendsen’s technicians using an iPad to log activities in the company’s workflow system, Frontrunner. The client requested that at some stage during the video the viewer ‘flies’ into the iPad to travel around a circuit board-like world that shows how each of Berendsen’s divisions are digitally linked.

Marketing campaigns on google and social media

We were tasked with writing and designing digital advertisements to be featured on Google Ads and managing B2B marketing campaigns targeting the surface mining industry on LinkedIn.

Targeting relevant keywords and search phrases, the ads were placed both in Google search results and on non-search websites, mobile apps and videos, while our LinkedIn social media campaign specifically targeted an audience of site maintenance, procurement and logistics decision-makers and key influencers across 25 locations within Australia.

The Google ads achieved significant online search traffic that went to the promotional landing page while our LinkedIn campaign resulted in an above-average click-through-rate.

Berendsen’s Cylinder Exchange program was a key focus on this campaign, and the impact and efficacy of this B2B digital awareness campaign has seen the category grow by more than 300% since the start of 2020.

building a landing page for lead generation

Our web developers built a promotional landing page for people to visit after clicking on the ads used in our Google and LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

Featuring our brand video, a tonne of information about Berendsen and their capabilities, as well as strong call to actions encouraging visitors to contact them, the landing page was designed and built to be eye-catching, informative and act as the final part of the funnel to turn interested, qualified leads into paying customers.

We designed the landing page in sync with the rest of the assets in the campaign, featuring a still from the brand video we produced of a dump truck with distinctive, glowing chevrons leading the way behind it as the hero image.

Rejuvenation of the campaign

Following the success of the initial campaign, Berendsen requested that we run the campaign a second time, targeting the same audience and search terms but rejuvenate and build on the initial look and feel of the video (below), landing page and banner ads to keep them fresh and engaging.

The chevrons carried through as a key visual element but were given a new colour scheme, and this time around we suggested to the client that we use 3D machines to produce the video instead of stock photos/videos, giving us far more control of angles, lighting and special effects.

While the landing page achieved fantastic results in the first campaign, we adjusted it to be in sync with the updated campaign by adding in beautiful new imagery, more concise information and stronger CTAs.

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